San Francisco, CA: Clashes with police as abandoned hotel is occupied; Oakland mayor accosted in D.C. [UPDATED]

from the press:

SAN FRANCISCO — Four people were arrested late Friday night when police and Occupy protesters clashed at a long-closed hotel, leaving some officers injured, authorities said.

The violence flared after 10 p.m. when police confronted hundreds of activists at the Cathedral Hill Hotel, on Van Ness Avenue near Geary Street.

Some protesters occupying the hotel threw objects at police clad in riot gear during the clash, injuring three officers, authorities said. Protesters pulled the fire alarm inside the building at one point, causing the police to escort the fire department into the building. Three protesters inside the hotel were arrested for trespassing.

“Early this morning, private security arrived on scene and took control of the hotel,” officer Carlos Manfredi wrote in an e-mail. “Security was advised that if their were any remaining demonstrators that posed a problem, to call the police and we will handle it accordingly.”

Meanwhile, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan continued to draw the ire of Occupy protesters even during her trip to Washington, D.C., where she is attending the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

On Thursday, a group of chanting Occupy D.C. protesters surrounded Quan’s cab and would not allow it to move.

Quan covered her face with a piece of paper while the protesters pounded on the windows of the cab. One of the protesters was arrested in a scuffle with police who came to the mayor’s aid.

UPDATE: brief communique from anews:

January 20th – San Franciscoerfuckers is unbelievable. Their Lamborghini/Bentley dealership, sitting a block away from one of the highest concentrations of poverty and despair on the west coast, clearly demonstrates their contempt for us. Of course we smashed their fucking windows, just like we destroyed the property of wells fargo and bank of america: to challenge their arrogance is to teach them to fear us.

To everyone who shut down banks in the morning, to the building occupiers, to the rebels who threw bricks at the police when we tried to break their line; we all comprise the force that will soon strangle the social order that suffocates us, burying it once and for all.

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