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Chicago, IL: Updates and addresses for the NATO arrestees

excerpts from occupychicago: Constructive, fantastic, awesome and fearless comrades remain in jail on false charges. Everyone can help support them. There are numerous ways of doing so.  Support our friends emotionally and physically by writing and visiting during their incarceration; … Continue reading

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Anarchists Must Attack What Only Anarchists Can Attack, or why we should support the Anarchy Bridge! 5

from anews: It’s May 2012 and we anarchists are occupying a very crucial position in the ongoing struggle against Control. The position of violently attacking and dismembering it! I’d like to throw in here that when I use the term … Continue reading

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Free the #NATO3! – Occupy Wall St statement in defense of the 3 arrested

WOS note: We point out that although this statement is supportive, it is not directly from the 3 and doesn’t seem to be from their close friends and comrades. We will continue to post relevant information but also remind that … Continue reading

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St. Louis, MO: Site of police violence and the home of mayor’s aid vandalized

from the press: Graffiti that appears linked to a confrontation between Occupy protesters and police at Compton Hill Reservoir Park last week has appeared at the park. The graffiti, which includes phrases like “Class war,” “The city has blood on … Continue reading

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Berkeley, CA: Communique for attack on the snitches at the Tang Center

from Indybay.org: Early Monday, March 19th we attacked the University Health Services at the Tang Center on the UC-Berkeley campus. We targeted the Tang Center because it has recently been made public that so-called ‘care givers’ at the center turned … Continue reading

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St. Louis, MO: Comrades evicted and beaten by police; call for solidarity

from antistatestl: Last night [March 15] close to 150 people from the occupy movement – ourselves, our friends, and comrades – took over Compton Hill Reservoir Park.  Met with overwhelming police force intent on evicting the camp, protesters marched into … Continue reading

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Portland, OR: Attacks on three banks and a Starbucks (communiques) (updated)

Today the press reports that the windows and ATMs of a US Bank were destroyed with stones in the Sunnyside neighborhood in Portland, while another two banks and a Starbucks were attacked in the Hollywood business district. Two different communiques … Continue reading

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Seattle, WA: Claim of responsibility for attacks on three banks

from pugetsoundanarchists: On Monday, February 6 around 7 P.M. The windows of three banks on capital hill had their windows busted out. Flyers were strewn explaining to passerby’s why they were targeted. The banks Chase, Key bank and an U.S. … Continue reading

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San Francisco, CA: Clashes with police as abandoned hotel is occupied; Oakland mayor accosted in D.C. [UPDATED]

from the press: SAN FRANCISCO — Four people were arrested late Friday night when police and Occupy protesters clashed at a long-closed hotel, leaving some officers injured, authorities said.

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Oakland, CA: Clashes occur during anti-police demonstration; 6 arrested

UPDATED with report from bay of rage: An enormous banner reading “Occupy Oakland — Fuck the Police” was unfurled at the corner of 14th and Broadway, in preparation for the first of a weekly series of marches against the police … Continue reading

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U$A: Communique from Antisec summarizing end-of-year attacks

from xfiles (follow link for the full communique with text graphics): WE ARE ANONYMOUS. WE DO NOT FORGIVE. WE DO NOT FORGET. WE ARE LEGION. EXPECT US! FUCK SOPA, FUCK NDAA, FUCK FBI, FUCK DHS, FUCK DARPA, FUCK NCCIC & … Continue reading

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Denver, CO: Communique for attack on police substation

from colorado indymedia (21 December 2011): anonymous missive on recent attack target: district 4 denver cop shop time: after your bedtime mode: vandalism rationale: immediate retaliation for the eviction of the civic center park homeless encampment. for dpd’s existence. to … Continue reading

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Denver, CO: Burning barricades and clashes with police during eviction attempt

 from ignite: Update 4:51PM 12/20: Here is some pretty solid video of last night’s action. As we speak, several of those arrested on minor charges are in the process of being bonded out. Update 1:15PM 12/20: Important tweet from Denver … Continue reading

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Russia: CCF / FAI-IRF torch police vehicle in Moscow during popular protests

from 325: After December the 4th (election day in Russia), when the Russian state deployed numerous police and military forces in Moscow and common people took to the streets to shout “Enough is enough” in the face of cops and … Continue reading

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