Mexico: Second communique from Individualists Tending toward the Wild

“One more time: Direct and total support with the anti-civilization prisoners of Mexico, with those eco-anarchists of Switzerland, to the affinities in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Chile and Russia. Remembering the savage individualist Mauricio Morales.”
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from liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:

22 May, 2011.

On May 25, 1978 a package bomb is left in the campus of Northwestern University in Illinois; a security guard opens it and is wounded. This was the first attempt of the Freedom Club against direct persons who contributed to technological development with their consciousness in this epoch.

By means of various newspaper reports, we have learned that our first explosive, which was directed to the head of the Division of Nanotechnology Engineering at UPVM in the month of April functioned but did not reach its initial objective. A curious individual who works for the university opened it, causing him to be wounded in the face and leaving his right eye seriously injured. The press has said that a curious person moved the package with a stick and it exploded, which is completely false, since the package was (obviously as the press said) inside a black bag, wrapped in white paper with various warnings and security stamps, so it was practically impossible that with a mere movement the electrical system would active. Faced with this occasion we want to declare that we do not have any kind of remorse, our objective was precisely for the security guards to take the package to the addressed professor, but due to the policing impulses of this person, and due to his inspecting the package, this person took the wounds that were for the head of the aforementioned division. We will see if the professor Camacho can carry in his conscience that an “innocent” was wounded in an attempt that was intended for him. Without a doubt, curiosity killed the human.

“This is not a joke: last month we made an attempt on the life of Oscar Camacho, today against the institution, tomorrow who knows? Fire to nano-technological development along with those who sustain it!!” – That was the message that we left written on a small sheet of paper with the explosive device left in the campus of the Polytechnic University of the Valle de Mexico on May 9th, the very day of the start of the new semester. This time the device detonated not by means of a timer system nor by ignition, but manually. The device appeared inoffensive from the outside (according to the police who know already), but inside was composed of a galvanized nipple tightly packed with black powder, various cables and a square battery. The device was activated upon turning the lid of the tin bottle (which only served as a container) since the negative and positive cables of the electrical circuit touched, producing a spark. The same day we sent various e-mails to IT directors (who are constantly on the computer and likewise their e-mail) and secretaries of the university, indicating the exact place where the black bag that contained the homemade bomb could be found, with this action we intended to cause physical harm to some police officers, who would come and try to open the container, leaving the university marked with two attacks; we wanted to make it clear that as we have said before, our hands do not tremble at carrying out our action, against the branches of the System of Domination and against those who sustain and protect it. However, it seems that with every passing day the system absorbs every trace of the free ecosystems that remain, a very clear example being the forest fires in the north of the country: enormous, majestic and almost virgin forests in which a great variety of flora and fauna develop without any direct human impediment have been reduced to ashes, greenhouse gases have made the land heat up to abnormal levels, which generate droughts and fires, like those that swept more than 200,000 acres in the Coahuila forest alone, animals such as whitetail deer, various birds such as eagles, hawks and wild turkeys, rabbits, wild cats, wild boar, black bears, cougars and other species were also affected in their environment, which causes these to migrate to other territories and cause ecological imbalance. These fires have spread over part of Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Quintana Roo, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Yucatan, and all this caused by the consumption of the sedentary masses (over-population) and the large-scale production of materials “necessary” for civilized life. We are condemning ourselves to our own extermination, if a person is dying in this moment in whatever part of the world, at the same time, hundreds of new beings are being born to extend this complex system of devastation and thus upset the balance of biodiversity.

The Earth feels the repercussions of this, another example was the earthquake in Spain, which left several dead and wounded, cities as fragile as Murcia will soon fall into pieces with any minor 6-point aftershock, leaving a devastating climate, but nothing, nothing comparable with what we have done to this world. In the United States the floods in Mississippi cover everything in their path, something never before seen in that part of the globe, even the specialists could not prevent this “environmental catastrophe” so called by the mindless fools who do not realize that we and only we are the ones responsible for all our (coming) misfortunes and thus, the polar glaciers melt imminently, global warming is becoming ever more aggressive, wild environments are occupied for urbanization displacing animal species into extinction or to occupy environments alien from their own or to live a stay-at-home-domesticated life, the cities expand without caring what they cut down, dig out, or destroy, the petroleum industries tunnel hundreds of kilometers under sea level and and impose their platforms, extracting the Earth and irreparably damaging the marine environment; birds fall from the sky and cover highways on the outskirts of the cities, likewise the hundreds of dead fish that cover the coasts of the sea, tomorrow the only green zones will be those protected by the State and industries in order to maintain their abject lie of “ecologically-responsible businesses,” soon there will not be (semi) wild environments; these will be consumed by progress. And in spite of all this we have not learned the lesson, we continue supporting the torturous hedonist path that civilization has taken towards total domestication, daily more new technology, more consumption, more ecological devastation, more animal species that only remain as references in science books,  more people with gas masks and face masks walking in the streets and public transport, more machines constructing enormous skyscrapers and skybridges, metal and concrete, more biocidal projects on their way to construction (e.g. high-velocity trains in France and Spain, the HidroAysén project in Chile, etc.), more alienation toward this non-life, more children developing artificially, more nuclear missiles with nano-bacteriological cargo falling from the sky, more war that only causes damage and perverts the fragile natural cycle, and with all this comes nanotechnology, its use to subjugate everything that is not plainly visible is a reminder that the civilized human will not stop until having achieved the unthinkable. In Mexico alone, before 2009 the teaching of nano-science would only be imparted in a few private universities, now its field spans the public universities, and it is attractive to all the moldable minds that dream of a comfortable life of money that falls to them from the sky being specialists or key components in nano-progress. We have read in the newspapers and seen in the news this year that, according to UPVM’s reports the educational offering in the degree of Nanotechnology Engineering is widening. Such that, as one can see, more imbeciles who are fascinated with technological development are counted by the hundreds in various universities in this very moment, hundreds who go into this kind of degree in order to become like human machines for protecting and widening Techno-industrial progress. Hundreds who we know due to socio-economic possibilities (as is traditional in Mexico) will abandon those studies (a), but the minimal part who finish their degree will be the vanguard in nanoscience — and that, that is what we are putting in our sights. Nanotechnology is going to gain territory with this, not to put aside the wide economic support that it is receiving from the State and public industries, private industries (complicit in the same way in the System of Domination) and federal institutions such as CONACYT (National Counsel of Science and Technology), which has various branches and centers of investigation (biotechnology, nanotechnology, infrastructure, urbanization, among others) for the increase of the domination of the Earth and is the central responsible for elaborating the politics that allow the modification of the downed natural equilibrium. To tell the truth, UPVM within its dozen personnel has three professors who are accredited as members of the National System of Researchers and another three in the Conacyt Register of Accredited Evaluators, which are branches of the federal institution.

Throughout last year and for part of this one, the UPVM has signed agreements with General Electric, Ford Motors, and the business associations of Tlalnepantla and Tultitlan, thus making visible the vampiric circle of collaborators who drive the domination and destruction of everything potentially free.

And we, what can we do in the face of the devastation that the Earth suffers by the techno-industrial system? Nothing, it does not depend on us. Then are we going to remain immobile before all this? Never!

We make a clarification here: Perhaps it is time for the university authorities and police to put themselves to analyzing things very well, we have much information with respect to the attacked university. Do they think we don’t know there are a little over 70 students within the Nanotechnology course within the classrooms? (This number does not compare with the students of the other courses, who number more than 150.) We know about the other distinguished figures, the responsible professors, so it would be best for them to walk carefully within and outside of the university, that they take warning of every suspicious shape in rooms, buildings, parking areas and campus, because one of these days we are going to make them pay for everything that they want to do to the Earth with these kinds of nano-scale technologies. We will repeat, this is not a joke and we have made that quite clear.

One more time: Direct and total support with the anti-civilization prisoners of Mexico, with those eco-anarchists of Switzerland, to the affinities in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Chile and Russia. Remembering the savage individualist Mauricio Morales.

. the majority of people move because they are ordered to do so, there is no will in their actions, they are all robots of flesh. The remainder live, sleep and die, nevertheless there are still some who dream and who laugh.

Taking advantage of this virtual space in which we disseminate our ideas/actions (b), we want to push a constant truly radical critique, it becomes important for us to analyze to the source some questions that are in the air and even can be or are in the habit of being untouchable for many. For some certain time there have been a quantity of groups of action and/or propaganda with ideas against Civilization and technology. Of these groups, one can detach various branches — there are those who believe that with actions of sabotage we can end the Techno-industrial System, others equally illusioned believe that when Civilization falls everything will be rosy and a new world will flourish without social inequality, hunger, repression, etc, etc, etc. Others tend to educate the masses so that they and their children will be more careful with nature. Others romanticize Wild Nature (calling it mother, home, etc) without realizing that to live in a wild environment is really hard and violent. Others still think that the collapse of Civilization has to be the work of “revolutionaries” and critique everything that is for them “deviant” and “pseudo-revolutionary” within their conceptions.

We do not mention ourselves within these branches because our ideas are far from the approaches put out. What we try to cover here are the old leftist terms that they continue to use even in some anti-civilization and anti-technology circles (which precisely critique leftism) at the international level and which must urgently be abandoned in order to give way to a radical critique and to go beyond in our positionings against the Mega-machine.

One of the first concepts is that of “revolution,” this concept so used by all the anti-civilization persons and primitivists who say they are the ones who have the absolute truth in their hands. The Unabomber, now known as Ted Kaczynski, started to use the term in various texts that (now) circulate in the Spanish language. In one of those he mentions an anti-technological “revolution” far from the values of the system, but isn’t the term “revolution” part of the values of the same system? We remember that all the revolts that ended in popular uprisings and later in “revolutions” throughout history have ended in domination. They have only reformed the system making it stronger, even though often having certain aspects antagonistic with the strategies of the prevailing market, it was and is the case with the socialist countries that although their financial structure was supported on an (according) economic-political-social-cultural basis different than that of the capitalist countries, they continued and continue being part of the system. Here we are not supporting what Kaczysnki said at one time (c) when he made the example of the so-called French or Russian “revolution,” in order to give space to the context which, according to his and many others’ belief, will give way to a supposed “anti-technology revolution.” Basing ourselves once again in Ted’s explanations, he has said in his other texts that now many people are questioning the use of technology, that that they are thinking seriously about abandoning it. We remember that Kaczynski is in a maximum security prison, isolated from the world that surrounds him since 1996; surely if he left the prison in this very moment, he would realize that everything is worse (much worse) than when he saw it last century, he would realize how much science and technology have advanced and how much they have devastated and perverted. He would realize that now people are alienated more with the use of technology and that they have even put it on an alter as their deity, their sustenance, their own life. As such, the concept of “revolution” is completely antiquated, sterile and outdated with the anti-civilization ideas that one would want to express. A word that itself has been used by different groups and individuals in history in order to arrive at power, in order to once again dominate and be the center of the universe. A word that has served as the longed-for dream for all the leftists who have faith that some day it will come to liberate them from their chains. Psychologically, in order to compensate their efforts with the “glorious day in which the revolution triumphs.” “Revolution” tends toward new arrangements, insurrection leads us to not let ourselves be arranged, but to organize ourselves and does not set its hopes on future arrangements — words of Max Stirner (d). The meaning of “revolution” has always been the violent change of the economic, political and social structures of whatever system, a change that would be reached (we repeat) violently, a change for which men and women struggle (in mass society) for a determined time even years, the struggle that liberated them is in order to obtain “something better” than what the old regime has given them, and in order that after the “revolution” has ended they work to obtain what they longed for, in order to satisfy that ideal for which they sacrificed and even gave their lives.

These are the steps that for centuries the old “revolutionaries” have repeated, but now, we place in our minds a supposed anti-technology “revolution,” it is said that the collapse of Civilization will be the work of the “revolutionaries” themselves (a phrase with much similarity what the socialists and other sorts employ: “’the revolution’ will be the work of the people itself”). But how do they know this? How do they propose such a thing when now the system is inventing new forms to self-repair automatically within the hand of the human being? They also say that education should be an important point, the work for which that we should occupy ourselves with, those of us who have these kinds of ideas, but educate who? We would be falling into an error to make a case of what Kaczynski said, “educating” the people that technology will bring us to our destruction — that is obvious, no doubt, but to “educate” the people, the masses, a society that lives for the new video game and virtual music on their music players, their automobiles that they park alone and their portable computers, their cellular telephones with new and improved modalities and their social networks? We do not see possible a change of structures at a major scale without the masses, therefore neither do we see possible a whole sea of people sick of the consequences of a western life, of sedentarism and the advance of the Techno-industrial System destroying it violently, we do not believe it possible. They also say that a change of values must come from an education taught from now on; Kaczynski has based his ideas on the French “Revolution” in order to make the example of that during the Renaissance many values began to flourish in Europe in many people’s minds and just then the uprising in France arose. On plain sight the approach is acceptable, but at the bottom we can see that it has expired, the same conditions no longer exist, technological advance and alienation born from this are significant and have devastated in modernity any desire of liberating oneself from what keeps us tied. Moreover, to compare the ancient Russian and French “revolutions” with the fictitious anti-technology “revolution” is a serious error because these have tremendous, clearly marked antagonisms, also because we suppose that the “revolution” that Kaczynski proposes is radically different from any other, either one renames this concept (for those who believe in radical change by the “revolutionaries”) or we accept the reality that the “revolution” never existed nor will it ever exist. If a socialist “revolution” (situated in Mexico) has not been able to be seen, much less an anarchist “revolution” and even less an anti-technology one. This critique, precisely, in time and space, is for those who believe that the collapse of Civilization will be the work of the “revolutionaries.” Then, if they believe in a “revolution” should there automatically exist a possible anti-technology utopia?

A world without domestication, with a system stopped by the work of the “revolutionaries,” with Wild Nature born from the ashes of the old technological regime and the human species (what remains) returned to the wild, is completely illusory and dreamy. Even if by a coordinated action of sabotage by the “revolutionaries” (for example, the spreading of a fatal virus that would do away with half or a little more of the global population) the system would collapse, domestication would keep existing, the Techno-industrial System would remain latent although with very few people who would sustain it (if this is a future in which it is not self-sustaining by itself). Nature would flourish there is no doubt of that (within this example), but the thousands of survivors who are used to the comfort and artificial happiness of the old system would try to raise and reconstruct it (e). But that is another topic.

By putting names on the war against civilization like those of “revolution,” “revolutionaries,” “pseudo-revolutionaries,” we are falling in the same thing that the Marxists preach when they brand some as counterrevolutionaries, furthermore we would be falling into a religious dogmatism like the leftists’ schemas.

In which the god is Wild Nature, the messiah is Ted Kaczynski, the bible is the Unabomber manifesto, the apostles are Zerzan, Feral Faun, Jesús Sepúlveda, and others, the longed-for paradise is the collapse of Civilization, the enlightened or the preachers are the “revolutionaries,” maintained by the faith which would be the blind confidence they have that someday the “revolution” will come, the disciples would be the “potential revolutionaries,” the crusades and missions would be carrying the word to the circles of people involved in green or anarchist struggles (where they would find the “potential revolutionaries”) and the atheists or sects are those who do not believe in their dogmas nor accept their ideas as being coherent with reality.

This is what they have fallen into, and what anti-civilization ideas can fall into, except that we began to analyze not only all that surrounds us (as we have done before) but also what is in our heads as well, a self-critique and a revalorization become indispensable in the face of the changes that the System of Domination presents.

The second concept, which is not only a concept but is a strategy, is that of the “new urban guerrilla,” this not right now within anti-civilization ideas, it is something a bit more general in the sphere of sabotage and direct action. Many groups have been seen to claim responsibility with these words, the term if we remember correctly began to be used with the most importance by the group of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece a few years ago. The central argument of this concept resides in that the strategy continues to be that of an urban guerrilla but with new forms. That is to say, the actions continue to be the same, robberies for financing, falsification of documents, bombings with sophisticated explosives or lacking these with a large quantity of explosives, armaments, munitions, transport, safe houses and the rest. But what was considered as “new” was that it does not have leaders nor commands, the cells enjoy total autonomy in the attack, seeing their members as individuals and not as militiamen or subordinates of the general command or of the central nucleus. Even so, and although they say that there is a “new urban guerrilla,” they committed the same errors as the old urban guerrilla, we do not think to understand a judgement like the RAF guerrillas had in the 70s, repeating again but in the 2000s with the members of the CCF. It would not take us by surprise if some other group from whatever part of the world that will name itself as “new urban guerrilla” will fall in the hands of the State-capital for basing itself on these kinds of experiments that have only left prisoners. The best option to slip away from the system continues to be informal organization, meeting as individuals in affinity or alone, betting on insurrectionalist immediatism and the quality of sabotage, rejecting formal organization and indiscriminate recruiting.

The third aspect that we want to cover is the obscene handling that has been given to the name of Mauricio Morales lately, although clearly we never knew him, we have read what he left expressed with paper and ink; we find a very strong and sharp affinity with what he expressed and with what he did, if we did not feel it we would not even name him. Why? Because we are not participants in indiscriminate solidarity, we vindicate only our own, nothing more. Today marks two years from the death of an individualist who tended toward the wild, but it appears that many are the leftists who remember him as a “social fighter,” a “politically correct” person, all to the contrary of what he thought, deviating from what he truly was. Not only we say this, those who knew him to the bottom and who were with him will verify this, the Limited Group of Savage Individuals (as his compas signed) (f) showed their anger shortly after Mauricio had died. It is painful that his name has been converted into a slogan and that his name is simply attached to another text on the anniversary of his death. But although his name and his acts are almost completely deformed, there are some affinities who understand the real value that his words and actions had.

Individualidades tendiendo a lo salvaje
(Individualists Tending toward the Wild)

(a) Here we do not at all want to situate ourselves in student victimism, to which there are infinite subjects from people in Mexico. The students (a great majority) complain that the state does not give them education in order to progress in their non-lives and to carry them on normally, — “when you go through the street in a city that is dying of scabies and you walk along with human cockroaches who speak of heroin and child pornography, do you truly feel normal?” — to paraphrase a fictional person. The claim to the eduction imparted by the state is civilized, which we reject.
(b) Isn’t it contradictory that individuals who say they are against technology used a computer and internet? For us no, since we use it as a means to make critiques and strike up relations of affinity. Only thus can we spread our ideas, we who are in anonymity. Did you really think, stupidly, that those who make a critique of the Techno-industrial System spread this discourse on carved stones?
(c) The Road to “Revolution” by Ted Kaczynski.
(d) The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner.
(e) “When Non-violence is suicide” and “The Coming ‘Revolution’” by Ted Kaczynski.
(f) Although the published communique has some (not so many) classist markings, we offer as reference the text called “Regarding the handling and misrepresentation of the figure of our comrade Mauri.” (Spanish link).
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