Mexico: Explosive package sent to the ambassador of Greece

from the press, 3/1/12, via culmine, transl war on society:

An apparently anarchist group send an explosive letter to the Ambassador of Greece in Mexico in the name of the former Attorney of Justice of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, but it was intercepted and deactivated by the authorities.

Monday night, personnel of Mexico’s postal service reported that a strange package was located in one of the postal boxes at 10 and Hornos in the Copilco neighborhood in Coyoacán, for which they asked the support of the Police.

Sources from the department, close to the investigation, indicated that the package consisted of a box with a galvanized metal tube connected with cables to two batteries.

Rodríguez Almeida affirmed that they still did not have precisely which group was responsible, although the Investigative Police indicated that it has to do with the same anarchist group that had carried out other explosive attacks in Mexico City.

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