Statement from Miguel Balderos – Prison Diary of a Mad Anarchist Arsonist

“If I had to do it all over again, I would have done a better job of burning the City Attorney’s office to the ground and City Hall too. I would have incinerated that entire block of offices (a nest of vipers) with all their asses in it successfully and would live to work on the courthouse next.”

from surfcityrevolt:

Miguel William Balderos started a fire at the city attorney’s office on the 300 block of Church Street on July 2, 2010. He told police that he was an anarchist protesting the city’s camping ban.

Miguel is currently at the CDC prison in Solano State Prison serving out his 10 year 8 month sentence. What follows is a statement written by Miguel that he wished to be distributed to comrades near and far. While various tendencies may, with good reason, take issue with parts of this statement, Miguel has proven himself to be receptive to debate and critique. Moreover, he has proven himself to be an ally in the social war. If you disagree or take offense, write him.

He can be reached at:
Miguel Balderos F81930
CSP Solano C-2-22-3 Low
2100 Peabody Road, PO Box 4000
Vacaville, CA 95696

He is currently asking that no one put money in his commissary, being that 55% of anything he has is put towards his restitution. Please enclose extra stamps with your letter.

From the Desk of Mad Mike (the wonder dog): Prison Diary of a Mad Anarchist Arsonist
by Miguel Balderos

My Anarchist Brothers and Sisters:

I was convicted of being an anarchist arsonist by the fascist police state of the State of California. I got drunk and set fire to a recycling bin at the City Attorney’s office (burning the doorway) of Santa Cruz, California, in protest against this Nazi asshole Barisone’s oppression of the homeless of Santa Cruz (I had black out and didn’t use a disguise and was caught on camera). The maximum amount of time I, by law, should have gotten for this arson is 4 years, but I was made an example of by judge Paul Maragonda (who was the Santa Cruz Deputy District Attorney that tried in vain to prosecute me for arson, burglary, and felony vandalism of city hall back in 1995). He gave me 10 years 8 months prison sentence. If I had to do it all over again, I would have done a better job of burning the City Attorney’s office to the ground and City Hall too. I would have incinerated that entire block of offices (a nest of vipers) with all their asses in it successfully and would live to work on the courthouse next.

For over 40 years Santa Cruz, led by Mayors like Mike (the pseudo-progressive liberal) Rotkin, Neil (the fat fucking slob of Bookshop Santa Cruz) Coonerty and his son Ryan (the fat beluga whale forehead) Coonerty, Cynthia (the big bird looking cunt) Matthews and a buck of other maggots on the city council have made it a crime for the poor and homeless to sleep outdoors. Sleep is not a crime. Sleep, air, water, food–all the things a person needs in order to survive! Sleep is not a privilege for those who own a home, it is a fucking right irregardless of where a person does it. Animals have the right to sleep outdoors but homeless humans in Santa Cruz (and a lot of other cities in the United States of Amerikkka).

I am down but not out. I am relentless and fearless. I will not rest until the oppressed poor and the homeless get justice. I’ve been a rebel all my life. I am a revolutionary just like my great grandfather who fought with Pancho Villa during the Mexican revolution. I have only one regret in life: that I have only one life to give to the revolution. They call me an “Anarchist Arsonist.” Ha! I am more than just a rebel, more than a revolutionary. I am a freedom fighter and a true patriot. The real homeland security! And, so long as those malfeasances in Santa Cruz, the pigs, the stinking rich, the free market capitalist pigs, the tea party maggots and those right-wing nazi punks in our government oppress, repress, exploit the poor, the homeless, the middle class, the working class, the proletariat–I will  stand in the breach to fight those fucking nazis back, even if I fight them all alone. Fuck the police! Kill a cop, go to heaven! Long live the people’s revolution. It’s on, baby!

What motivated me to take action was that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! All the oppression, exploitation, and injustice of the plutocracy, the oligarchy, the malfeasances in power  and control with all the wealth made me so depressed that I just had to act, or commit suicide. I couldn’t take the shit anymore. I was also sick and tired of all the armchair revolutionaries (like Robert “the mouth” Norse) and the coffee shop anarchists (they know who they are . . .) talk about how pissed off they are and sick of it all but are afraid of getting their hands dirty doing the necessary dirty work (wet operations) of fighting the nazi assholes back. I may be crazy, a little foolish, but I am not stupid. I would rather be dead in hell for all eternity than to do nothing and let the conservative nazis win this fight over good and evil.

I could have gotten 25 years to life for my silly ass faux pas. Some people in this prison have actually killed people and are doing less time than I am. That BART pig Johannes Mehserle, who murdered Oscar Grant, got a slap on the wrist in comparison to setting fire to the City Attorney’s door with a recycling bin. I didn’t hurt or kill anyone yet I must do 80% of this 10 year 8 month sentence. I am due to be out of prison June 25, 2018, at the earliest.

I have found out this month that I have prostate cancer and I may die in captivity but I am still not afraid. God is on my side: I get strength from Allah and I absolutely fear nothing, especially from a nazi punk. Fuck ’em all in their necks and feed them refried cat shit! You gotta stand for something or you are going to fall for anything.

I am continuing The Struggle in this prison waking up the brain dead prisoners here. I am writing my book on revolution, the Agent Orange Manifesto. Also, I am writing the prison diary of a mad anarchist arsonist (a true story of my life) and a fiction comedy about prison life called Concrete Momma. I hope these books will inspire people to pick up the torch (literally) that I’ve dropped and get busy. I would like to see more people in Santa Cruz fight those evil assholes at City Hall, on Wall Street and our government. End the sleeping ban by any means necessary including general strikes, riots, arson, random vandalism, hosing, graffiti, vigils, critical mass, protests, smash and grab merchandise from capitalistic stores (like Bookshop Santa Cruz), malicious mischief, boycotts, and whatever else it takes to force city hall to stop oppressing the poor and homeless. Also, skateboarding is not a crime either!

I would like to see the younger generation stop wasting their time doing nothing and things like watching TV (kill your television!) I would like them all to get out and get more politically active. Get out and vote for Obama (the lesser of two evils). You guys need to vote those republicans in the house and senate out of office and any democrat that acts like a republican. We must not allow any of those republican nazis get into the oval office. Fuck ’em all! I would rather have Theodore Kaczynski as president than a republican. Tomorrow is your future, today is your destiny! Get off your asses and organize, plan and fight back (make sure to protect your identity; wear ski masks and gloves if you are going to do wet operations).

And protect and love one another (your comrades in arms), be ready to fight, kill or die for one another. Know your enemy! They are the Tea Party, the Capitalist Free Market pigs on Wall Street, the banks, the conservatives, the american nazi party, skinheads, Hells Angels, Aryan Brotherhood and yes maybe members of your own family and your next door neighbor. Don’t be afraid to fight the good fight even if you lose your life. (remember: you are going to die someday anyway but might as well be on your feet fighting than on your knees . . .) You might not believe in God but God believes in you and He got your back. Remember Jesus was a rebel and if he was here he would pick up a sword and kill them all and let God sort them out. Fight the Nazis back before it’s too late. No quarter!

Love, Your Brother in Arms,
Mad Mike the Wonder Dog

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  1. cmen says:

    Hi, is the address listed on this blog entry the correct one to send letters to Mad Mike, or is the one found on this entry ( the correct one???


  2. According to the CDCR inmate locator he is at Solano, so his address should be:

    Miguel Balderos F81930
    CSP Solano
    PO Box 4000 14G5UP
    Vacaville CA 95696

    On the other hand, the address above is for the same prison, just a longer address that includes the prison’s physical and mailing addresses both.

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