Switzerland: Statement from Billy on the hunger strike

we receive and publish this translation:

Prison separates us physically from the struggles. It isolates us from our loved ones and from the daily complicity of our paths of struggle; denying us our own desires. However it doesn’t manage to take them away from our head nor the fight from our spirit. On the contrary, the rage and hate we feel against these walls and our jailors roots them further on into our soul, into our flesh.

The thought becomes even more impelling than on the outside: what can I do? Therefore when opportunities to take part in outside mobilizations from the inside of these walls arise, it’s lived as something much more than symbolic. It’s a moment I seize and make fundamentally mine, deep inside where no guard, nor cop, nor anyone else whose intention is to abuse their power, should ever be allowed to lay hand nor eye. There inside us where nothing is symbolic but everything is tension.

Leaders of different sorts of dominion (politicians and contractors, of the media and spirituals) will meet this year at the world economic forum in Davos. There they will confront each other with various subjects in order to trace new models that will anchor even deeper their own privileges and allow them to get richer. Among those subjects, one that stands out is the one relative to “the new technological social models” and, more precisely, “to the next wave of technological innovations, especially in the sciences of life, in nanotechnology, in the artificial intelligence”. (*)

It is well known that times of crisis are very propitious periods for the elite in power to force passages that previously were impracticable, thereby introducing changes that allow the system to consolidate even better its power over everyone’s life. Crises are, in fact, what the system needs to renovate itself and the world around it.

These days a problem that they make us perceive with exhausting continuity is not much about the climate change (that for some is a deception and big companies, despite putting on a greener dress, don’t care much about the planet if not as an instrument to exploit in order to secure their business) but rather about the necessity of finding innovations in order to perpetuate this shitty society. By eliminating or delaying its most visible negative aspects such as ecological unbalances with its consequences in the changing of the climate, or the proliferation of diseases that spangle our health.

A turning point has thus arrived for them, in which they come up with an act of renewal that will guarantee the perpetuation of the current system of exploitation besides the imbalances and iniquities that have been accumulating all these years, especially since the latter postwar.

The goal is not to solve them, because to really solve the unbalances produced, it would be necessary to question the system itself in its basic operation. In a much more simple and cunning manner they jump with both feet over it, transferring the production of harmfulness to new, more complicated and submerged levels that cannot as easily be connected directly to the system we depend on and its fundamental dynamics of production. In this sense nanotechnologies and bio-technologies have several very promising to them and the same goes for every aspect or productive sector of the techno-industrial system we live in.

They’ll talk about them in Davos because at the economic forum “big” industrialists and worldwide contractors can meet “big” scientists and hi-tech pioneers from whom they get inspired, then later share a drink with some “big” sponsors in order to convince them to invest and subsequently chat with some governmental authority (or not governmental, the roles often get blurred) in order to illustrate to them the goodness of the coming developments and researches. The moment in Davos is a privileged one. This is where the owners of this world and their accomplices (scientists and media) get inspired towards new shared (between them) strategies for their enrichment, the defense of their privileges and of their domination, naturally confirming the tendency of the last years to a sense of social and environmental responsibility (only a front).

Concerning nanotechnologies, actually, one of the key issues during the sessions in Davos, will regard exactly how to “understand every single danger before unpredictable consequences will impact the public support for nano-scientific research in a negative way”. (*)

It’s clear isn’t it? Their concern is not the harmfulness that they enclose but for people to keep on believing their promotion as a miracle of science. And for it to not even cross people’s minds to refuse them as already happened (and continues to happen) with bio-technologies in the dietary field, since their development could be determining for the renovation of the system in act, and give it a more respectable front, which, consequently, would make it more dominant. And this happens thanks to this crisis.

In order to participate in the outside struggles from within I will, during the week of the WEF, from January 20st till January 29th, refuse the prison board and to work, which is compulsory here. This refusal is also intended to be an answer to Silvia’s isolation in the psychiatric section of the women’s prison in Hindelbank, as well as to the decision of the prison authorities not to grant visits with friends and comrades without a dividing glass and in support of Marco Camenisch whose hearing concerning the decision regarding his release on parole will take place in the next months (May 2012).

I take the opportunity to return knowing and supportive hugs to the comrades detained in Greece, in Chile (forza Tortuga), in Mexico, in Russia, in Belarus, in Germany, in Spain, in the USA, in the UK and anywhere in the world; to the comrades of Fuori Luogo in Bologna on trial, to the people from Florence and to the antifascists from Cuneo, to the rebels arrested or charged in Val Susa and to everyone fighting inside and outside infamous walls.

From a concentration camp for re-socialization: Regensdorf January 15th 2012

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