Chile: Court revokes house arrest for Tortuga, he is forced into prison again [updated]

from materialanarquista, translated by war on society:

The second chamber of the Court of Appeals of Santiago has revoked the house arrest of comrade Luciano, because he is considered a danger to society, because of the possibility of escape since he has dual-citizenship (Chilean-Italian) and has a valid passport, and the other spoken reason is the comrade’s “good state of health” that does not justify house arrest, finally they closed the arguments on this judicial action with the statement Luciano made several weeks ago.

It is clear that in this war declared against capital and authority, they will use all tools to destroy any germ that exists of the incessant search for unlimited freedom like our brother Tortuga. There are no new moves in history, we have clearly observed that anarchists are not judged for the actions that are carried out, but rather the deed of wagering one’s life on anarchy and trying to live as we want our future to be, free of all authority, FREE AND WILD!

Brother, much strength to you at this time, may all the words of solidarity pass through the walls of the dungeons and reach your indomitable heart.


from negratortuguitalakalle, translated by war on society:

A situation that could be expected. It has happened before, and only seeks to undermine the morale of the prisoners. Sorry fucking sons of bitches, you will not manage to diminish Luciano’s condition in the least.

For the continuation of agitation for Luciano’s freedom, and that of all the prisoners.

Mutiny and Escape.

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