Argentina: Communique for bomb threat made to Falabella

from liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:

At this time we claim responsibility for the bomb threat made yesterday at about 7:30 PM against Falabella (business of $hilean interests) located in the downtown of the putrefactive city of Buenos Aires, in solidarity with the comrades Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel and Juan Aliste, who are on hunger strike in the prisons of the $hilean state.

With this simple action we manage to destabilize the normal functioning of that center of stupid and frenzied consumption of merchandise, also alerting the guardians of the place and the federal police who pathetically and disconcertedly worked to impose some order; we laugh in their faces… they know quite well that the calls are not always fake… because while misery exists there will be rebellion, we will strike, we will strike, and we will strike…

There are a thousand and one forms of solidarity with the kids… let’s use them all!!! 

Strength to the comrade Tortuga!! Newen and freedom for Freddy, Marcelo and Juan.

Long live anarky!!!!!

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