Words from Luciano in solidarity with Freddy, Marcelo and Juan

from Hommodolars
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

Making the stars shine with our solidarity.

The news spread fast and (as it has always had to be) the isolation was not a problem. A call-out for direct solidarity with 3 political prisoners, defendants in the security case.

With news that the compañeros were also on hunger strike my response to this situation was immediate, “I too am going to go on strike,” with astonishment and concern the compañerxs who informed me of the situation warned me not to be so crazy, to think things through, more calmly, was I prepared for a hunger strike? In my condition a measure of this nature could be lethal, because I could lose everything gained as far as my health is concerned, and it’s true…

What could I do? Send encouraging words without real action of solidarity has never been my style. What importance could a statement have when it lacks the most important? And here I want to be emphatic, the most important thing is to show the compañeros that we are with them, that when they are hungry in prison it affects our lives, this reality, this fake social peace, our everyday lives and the damn bourgeois normality that keeps them prisoners, and that this cannot go unnoticed, because none of this goes overlooked for our compañeros, nor prison, nor hunger, nor the high security module, nor isolation, nor hunger, nor everyday torture by their executioners, nor hunger, nor abuse, nor hunger, nor the extreme vigilance, nor harassment, nor hunger, nor the humidity of those dark corridors, nor violence, nor hunger, nor lack of privacy, nor shackles, nor hunger, nor raids, nor threats, nor hunger, nor dirt, nor cruelty, nor hunger, nor persecution, nor shit, nor hunger, nor hunger, nor hunger, nor hunger…

So what will we do my compañerxs? We wait till the situation can’t get worst? Because we think that such a situation can lead to worst? Are we going to react only when the compañeros are at vital risk because one just is not that important or can wait? Since when can a hunger strike in prison wait? Independently of what we’ll know when its over and within our small square heads we’ll consider deceiving ourselves into knowing that the comrades will not starve to death on this occasion and therefore need not be a priority, there is something called brotherhood that makes the word compañero not sound as empty as often happens. We know this well, first the vacations, the beach, family, friends, partying, you have extra time? Then I go to the march organized for the compañeros NO! That’s not the social war of which I speak, the social war of which I speak is not present once a week on a calendar or a schedule, because what if for example people who go underground take that attitude? For sure they’d have caught them quite some time ago already. Or if the people who assist the compañerxs in prison would opt for similar positions? Surely in this case much would choose death. Because this type of mediocre consciousness is nothing more and nothing less than a rebel fashion that will come and go, that will be temporary. The social war of which I speak, is present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without vacations, without truce, without stopping to recover, and the compañeros on hunger strike today, are part of that small handful of people who take on the social consequences of war on a daily basis. Is it necessary to repeat this?

Therefore, we must know to rise to the occasion, and personally I would be ashamed to look into the faces of compañerxs who decided to complicate their lives to the point of having no return to “normal life” offered by this reality and who sharpened their discourse and praxis under the same considerations as me. For my part from today, Tuesday 21st of February of this year and a year since the mobilization initiated by compañerxs of the bombs case frame up in the form of a hunger strike, I will stop taking 1 of the 3 daily meals, choosing to eat lunch and dinner, depriving myself of breakfast until the end of the mobilization. I know that solidarity fasts are not at all a spectacular action, but I want to express that in the nearly 20 hours without eating from dinner (17:00 hrs) till lunch the next day (12:00 hrs.), the compañeros on hunger strike are with me and I with them. I invite Freddy to get together in an activity that takes place this week, to Marcelo I sing from an extermination and isolation center and to Juan I send one of those tight hugs that he sent me from his own physical impossibility of jail. I also want you to know how easy it would be for me not to stop eating, shielding myself behind my delicate health, always excuses abound, but I want this to be a slap on the wrist of all combatants, if I who am in a really extreme situation am able to show solidarity in a way, our compañerxs across the wall don’t have any justification for not leaving even the last drop in the street.

Let the compañeros feel our affection, respect, love and solidarity with all our courage, that these days serve the compañeros in recharging their moral, to feel they are not alone, that when we shout “STRENGTH COMPAÑEROS!” they are not empty words.


Luciano Pitronello Sch.
Insurrectionist Political Prisoner

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