Argentina: Communique for arson of luxury cars in Buenos Aires

from culmine, translated by waronsociety:


The motivations that the thought control media demand of us are expressed in every one of the public communiques that we sent through the websites of the state and capitalism, and also those that spread the practice of anarchy, called total liberation.

The social class that makes up the bourgeoisie (coincidentally they are the whitest) actively consolidates on the Earth, destroying everything there is of beauty in the health of a life among trees and plants, in order to not let there to be any other way of traveling than at 50 km/h; no one will be able to be free like that, always depending more and more on technology that is more complex in order to always do the same thing–produce and consume in order to exploit everything to the maximum, to satisfy civilization’s vice.

Our proposal is the destruction of the cars and property of the bourgeoisie, attacking them in their neighborhoods, from Palermo to Villa Devoto they all believe and are certain that everything stays the same, but there are individuals who are fed up and we intend to continue the initiative of expanding daily revolt.

Friends of the Earth / Informal Anarchist Federation

Videos:  1, 2



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