Chile: Explosive device goes off by the Santiago Justice Center (updated)

from the press, 12 march 2012, via culmine, transl waronsociety:

An explosive device went off on Monday night on a side of the Santiago Justice Center. The apparatus exploded at around 11:50 PM in the vicinity of the courthouse, located in the southern central sector of the capitol, meters from Route 5 South.

No one was injured in the attack, according to the uniformed police.

Personnel of the Group of Special Police Operations (GOPE) analyzed the remains of the explosive device in the area, which, according to initial reports, was a noise bomb.

Eyewitness accounts indicated that they had heard a burst of gunfire in the moments following the explosion.

* * *

Claim of responsibility from Liberación Total (March 16.2012) translated by This Is Our Job:

Through these lines, we want to claim responsibility for the bombing that took place at around 11:30 p.m. on the night of Monday, March 12 at a specific site corresponding to the rooms where bastard guards from Santiago 1 and some from CAS stay and sleep.

The plan of this insurrectionary act was to cause the most damage possible to those hateful beings, and we regrettably failed, but we will continue on this path until vengeance is claimed for our murdered brothers in San Miguel, Honduras, and all the death camps around the world.

Our vengeful acts go out to all those beings who find themselves held captive by the world’s different States, especially brother Tortuga—who we hope heard this explosion and had his heart filled with violent joy—as well as the brothers in CAS. We wish you all health and anarchy.

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