Bolivia: Communique for action in solidarity with Eat and Billy

from negasi, translated from the Spanish by waronsociety:

In Solidarity with Eat and Billy, Anarchist Prisoners in Indonesia

Strength to Reyhard Rumbayan and Augusto Billy, insurrectionary anarchist prisoners in Indonesia.

This may be a minimal action in solidarity with Eat and Billy, however the commitment to the anarchist goals of the FAI-FRI is permanent, in the struggle against the system in concrete terms, and that is what counts, solidarity now for […] those who show themselves in solidarity and affinity to determined struggles are persecuted and sentenced.

Anarchist comrades in Bolivia are being persecuted by the State at this time due to demonstrating their affinity and solidarity with the eighth indigenous march in defense of TIPNIS and also with the march of differently-abled people.

As has already been said before: May no warrior ever be alone!

Long Live the ‘Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell’!
Long Live Insurrectional Anarchy!

Solidarity with all the insurrectional warriors of the world
from Cochabamba – Bolivia.


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