St. Louis, MO: Comrades evicted and beaten by police; call for solidarity

from antistatestl:

Last night [March 15] close to 150 people from the occupy movement – ourselves, our friends, and comrades – took over Compton Hill Reservoir Park.  Met with overwhelming police force intent on evicting the camp, protesters marched into the streets.  Where they were met with batons, pepper spray and fists…  at least 15 were arrested and three hospitalized, with severe facial injuries, concussions, staples and stitches in the head, and broken bones.

Unfortunately the cops’ brutish reaction to last night’s events does not really evoke surprise in us.  As the armed thugs of the state and wealthy, they go about their business striving (though often failing) to thwart our attempts to escape our material conditions, even if only for a moment.  We feel the state’s presence in our lives on a daily basis, both informing and enforcing our every move.

Nevertheless, we refuse to take a passive position in regards to last night’s events: we will not and cannot sit idly by as they carry on fucking with us.  Our antagonism for the police is a bottomless pit, and we cannot easily let the images of our comrades bloodied faces pass from our memories.

If you desire something more than the mundane hellishness of everday life, if you have any love for those who fight back:



Join us for a demonstration tonight @ Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester)

Music at 9pm//March at 11pm


(bloodied protester at 9:10)

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