Chile: 7 days since the attack on the comrade Bengalas

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Note by LT: In the following text they make reference to hoping that the bastard who shot the comrade be judged. From our part, we hope for nothing from the laws, nor the judges, nor from administrative reviews made by the wretched police institution. The action of the police is backed up by Power and we can hope for nothing from our enemies. Solidarity with the comrade Bengalas, it makes us deeply happy that he is recovering. Nothing is over, everything continues.

7 days since the attack on our brother Bengalas

On Friday March 30, one of our comrades suffered an attack by the $hilean police…

Our comrade was in a cybercafe updating our Facebook page and 8:34 PM he finished, left and things were going well, on the road toward Santa Isabel near the Plaza de Viña, a 19-year-old boy stole the wallet of an older woman (as many people thought that the robbery was a frame-up by the police, unfortunately it was not a frame-up as was believed), and there our comrade was in the Plaza sitting on a bench reading some texts that had been downloaded from the Material Anarquista page when he stood and saw passing by him the kid who had stolen the wallet and turned to see what was happening; and there the shot was made, hitting our comrade through the back (if our compa had not turned to look, the bullet would have hit him right in the heart, taking his life); it was then that the compa fell to the ground leaving a pool of blood around him and when anonymous persons offered him help and first aid, stopping the bleeding, the ambulance arrived after 20 minutes and he was brought to the Viña del Mar hospital (Dr. Gustavo Fricke).

There was a whole day in which he didn’t regain consciousness and until Sunday morning at 9:47 when he awoke we were able to have a short conversation with the compa and he was asking how everything had been, since he had just awoken we preferred to leave that conversation for another day and let him rest; on Monday April 2nd one of our comrades was able to have a longer conversation with the compa and our brother was able to dictate a short letter which was posted on our page. On Wednesday April 4, some compas stoned the house of the pig who shot our comrade, leaving painted on the wall, “A GOOD PIG IS A DEAD PIG.” Also we have the fucking pig’s name, it is Marco Antonio Jorquera, 34 years old, the Pig works in the Valparaíso Police Station, also there is a good news which is that the pig will judged and we hope that justice will be done since these things cannot remain immune.

From the collective, we are super grateful for the various free sites which have spread the news, pages as well as radio stations and also the comrades who have sent strength to the compa and family, here we also want to give another notice which is that the comrade on Friday the 13th of this month will already be able to again be in the streets to fight as he has always done, this would be today’s update and only to hope that the days pass to be able to be with our brother in battle and seeing what we do by way of what’s happening, a march or simply hanging posters around the city; in continuation we are going to leave the poem “The Anarchist of the Flares [Bengalas]” …

“I am the anarchist of the flares,
the unique anarchist, who remains and passes:
I’ve had names in which the fruits
of the rare hearts sleep. I always work
especially when people affirm
that I’m doing nothing. I know to wash my soul
on paper and nothing, plant timed bombs
in the cities on whose backs I sit,
try with abandon to tickle a lover
who I prefigure at a distance and through all that
to continue to be in every place where I had

Because I am
the anarchist of the flames. Every time
I set one alight, your heart
and my heart are extinguished.

(Also) Bengalas wanted to share a little number with the beat of the Eutanasia group; the song is called The Final Victory and here is the link (in Spanish).

Anarchist Solidarity Collective

“Bengalas, you are not alone
the bullet that you received will return
against the dirty pig coward
Together we will construct our horizons
Health and Fire!”

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