Personal Inferno – for an overcoming of solidarity, for Culmine and Parole Armate

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

 “I don’t want and I don’t grant solidarity,
because I am convinced that it is a new chain,
and because I believe with Ibsen that the one who is most alone is the strongest one.”
Renzo Novatore – I am also a Nihilist


For an overcoming of solidarity
I invite to Egoist and Nihilist action all those affines hit by the law of the State emanated from society under the
vote of Sor Manuela Comodi
[Italian prosecutor]

No prayer!
No sign of sinking!
The rebellion that triumphs in your I recognizes and knows what great abyss there is in your existence,
unfortunately “there are too many abysses for the solitary ones,” spoke Zarathustra!
No prayer!
No profession of faith and no creed for the solitary!

No fanatic-religious solidarity for the solitary!
No prayer and no rosary!
This is the path, the non-way!
Thus arise the vagabond singularities of the I!
Do not kneel!
If you Die, your soul even before your body!

Pray not!
“I am a dam in the current: I cling to what I can.”
I say unto you!
“But I am not your crutches”

Do not trust in man, Christ recommends! I would add, not in God either!“The anarchist program, based in solidarity and in love, goes beyond justice itself… The love of ‘everything that one can and wants others to do unto you (which is the greatest good)’ is what the Christians call charity and we call solidarity: at the end of the day, it is love”

No Charity!
Trust in yourself!
Beg not!

To the affines of Culmine and Parole Armate


Edizioni Cerbero – Maurizio De mone and Federico Buono

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