Indonesia: Update on the trial against Eat & Billy

Important update: We got news about our brother Billy’s health. He’s sick and getting worse since the prison conditions are so bad. More details coming as soon as possible. Strength and health to Billy, united in struggle and affinity for insurrection. War against the existent…

325 receives and transmits:

We received late news that the State continued the trial against our brothers (Eat & Billy). The fourth trial held in Friday 6, April 2012 in Sleman Courthouse (Yogyakarta). This trial itself showed that the State and Capital want to force the Anti-Terrorism Act as a tool of repression against the rise of new generation of anarchist urban guerrilla in Indonesia under the name of Revolutionary Organization – Informal Anarchist Federation, Indonesian Section.

The lawyer who is appointed to stand next to our brothers in the trial declared that the State ignored the law itself by it’s denial to call the [so-called Anti-Terrorism’] expert and listening his statement. The reason behind this clearly is another form of State repression because the judges knew that the expert will give a statement which that can put aside all the “public opinion” why our brothers must be accused with the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Our brother, Billy also stated that the interrogators used violence to get the information from him. That all the statement signed by him is done caused by pressure by the pigs. He also said that the capture of himself showed the truth of his choice, it shows that the State (and all the tools it has) just have one single mission: to protect Capital.

In other side, our brother Eat made a statement that his capture by the State is ‘illegal’ in the view of their own laws because the pigs came and captured him without the right paperwork. He showed clearly how tragic is the State and the misery of life under it. But he declared that he never want to be trapped in the logic of laws or others similar. Eat stated that his choice always followed by consequences. That’s why he claimed the action and proudly stated he is a member of Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – Informal Anarchist Federation, Indonesian Section.

This fourth trial was itself a starting point set by the State to try to make our brothers (Eat & Billy) declare against each others by separating the document papers and lawyers.

When we were still gathering all the information about the fourth trial, we got news that the trial continued Tuesday 10, April 2012. We still trying to get the details about the trial process and will update soon [the actual charges sought will be decided during this 10/4/12 trial].

No Combatants Will Left Alone
Burn Down The Prisons and Courts
Freedom for Eat & Billy
Long Live the R.O Informal Anarchist Federation, Indonesian Section
Long Live the new generation of Urban Guerrillas

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