Chile: Preparation of the oral trial against Luciano Tortuga begins

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In light of the information, we make a call to the comrades close to Tortuga to inform us of how the judicial process against the comrade is going. Perhaps it is not necessary to inform day by day, but rather by weekly update.

The dates of the hearing is all that we could retrieve from the press, due to all their vengeful morbidity and their support of the prosecution.

The past March 20, the hearing was postponed, this at the request of Luciano’s defense, saying that some experts were missing. On that day, the hearing was set for this April 11th.

Yesterday, Wednesday April 11, the hearing for the preparation of the oral trial against the comrade happened in the 7th Warranty Court of Santiago, located in the Justice Center.

The preparation of the oral trial, is the legal step where the Prosecution presents the evidence and witnesses with which they intend to carry out the trial. Which then afterwards the defense also does. It is at this time that the judge determines which evidence and witnesses are omitted.

At around 10 AM, the hearing began with the Southern Prosecution, represented by the prosecutor Raúl Guzman, reviewing the evidence and witnesses’ testimony.

From the evidence presented by the Prosecution, the judge Darwin Bratti excluded some documents alluding to the 5 comrades who are still on trial in the “bombs case,” declaring them “impertinent” as they don’t relate to the charges against Luciano. A clear example of how the prosecutor Raul Guzman (who is presently in charge of all the investigations into bombings) intends to unite and relate both judicial processes.

Luciano’s (designated) lawyer, Carlos Mora, presented a claim for the “abundance of witnesses.” Those witnesses were presented by the Prosecution, among them workers and clients of the bank.

Said by the same executioner, Raúl Guzmán: “witnesses who were going to find out about the commotion caused by the placement of this explosive device in a bank branch.” Statements with which the prosecution intends to affirm the necessity of applying the Anti-terrorist Law.

Surely such witnesses would testify the “fear they felt” while sleeping in their homes miles away from the bank, when it was 2:20 AM on Wednesday June 1, 2011. A time at which the Santander bank was empty.

That is the reason why the majority of sabotage actions with bombs occur in the early hours and the groups that carry out these attacks in several of their communiques have made evident the means of ensuring that passersby are not hurt.

Also the lawyer Carlos Mora indicated that the expert who was missing before is now ready and with this expert he intends to demonstrate that the attack did not constitute a terrorist crime because the explosive had low capacity for doing damage.

The preparation of oral trial will go on continually these days, until all of the evidence and witnesses and experts have been reviewed. Then the date will be set for the beginning of the trial.


Liberación Total

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