Urgent: International Call for Solidarity to Billy’s Health

from 325:

“Most of all, this is an attempt to send me your hug. Coz I send many greetings for you guys.”Billy Augustan

We are asking for donations and solidarity for our brother, Billy Augustan (proud member of Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – FAI Indonesia). As many of you know that he was detained since last year (with our brother and camerad Reyhard Rumbayan a.k.a Eat) by the pigs for a political action by setting fire to ATM belonging to BRI Bank in Jogjakayarta. He is still being held and is currently on trial.

Last year in June 2011, Billy was in a motor accident. He was admitted to the hospital with a fractured skull and concussion. He left the hospital after 3 days because of misdiagnosis and poor medical treatment. After leaving the hospital he saw a specialist who stated he appeared to be alright but to IMMEDIATELY seek medical attention from a specialist if he was to have any symptoms or pain later.

Now, for 2-3 weeks Billy has complained of frequent and severe headaches. He is also experiencing blurred vision and extreme pressure build-up, and his neck loses circulation from time to time. Due to these symptoms he’s having great difficulty sleeping, writing, reading and seeing, and they seem to be getting rapidly worse as time goes by. And like all of us knew that the medical care in prison is a nightmare…

That’s why we call an international solidarity and donation to help Billy.

Here’s our step by step list of what needs to happen in order for Billy to get the medical attention he urgently needs:

1. Pay Guards
2. Pay doctor at in-house clinic for consultation and referral letter
3. Get referral letter to a specialist (this will also cost us money and
we will most likely have to find the specialist)
4. Pay to exit the jail or to have a doctor come there
5. Pay outside doctor
6. Pay for treatment

Thanks in advance for all your support and help. Any and all donations will go directly to these medical expenses. For more information or updates on his condition please contact: sandria.k(at)gmail.com

To send donations please send via paypal to: demonica22(at)gmail.com


Friends and Family of Billy

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