Chile: Explosive device goes off in Banco de Chile branch (updated with communique)

communique from vla transl waronsociety:

Against the State and Capital that torture, cage, murder and destroy all of nature. Take control of your life, confront your fears, free yourself and attack Power.

Prisoners of the world in Social War to the street!
Freddy Fuentevilla
Marcelo Villarroel
Juan Aliste Vega
Luciano Pitronello
Esteban Huiniguir

Subversive Proletarian Faction for Freedom

* * *


from the press, via lt, transl waronsociety:

At around 1 AM, a strong explosion was felt at 4811 Grand Avenue in the San Miguel neighborhood [of Santiago, Chile].

It happened at the Banco de Chile, which after being attacked was left with severe damage, broken windows and destroyed machinery. The high strength of the explosion is shown by the fact that one the doors was thrown almost 100 meters.

The detonation did not cause any injury. An anonymous call had alerted the police about the presence of the explosive device in the bank branch. According to the information that the police sent the press, there were leaflets found in the area alluding to the arrest of Ivan and Carla on Monday morning, and to Luciano Pitronello.

The GOPE group of Carabineros arrived to try to find some clue as to the authors of the attack and to begin the investigation, keeping the place cordoned off and closed.

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