ParoleArmate – The roar of armed words is back

from parolearmate:

In these last weeks we have been a little busy, this is unquestionable. Committed to reorder the mess that the repression has sought to leave behind leaving our homes, our lives and those of people around us.

None of this amazes us or leave us surprised, these are, in fact, the inconveniences that may happen to those who, in first person, declares one’s hatred against what exists and takes care of amplifying many other cries of scorn, shouted in different languages, that resonate furiously in the four corners of the world.

What continues to give us strength is listening, day after day, the continued fragmentation of the status quo, constantly threatened by increasing individual and collective acts of revolt. We can’t deny it, our mouths were closed for several days, certainly not for lack of words, but by necessity of organization.

This doesn’t mean that what we carry within us, and we are proud to claim, has been interrupted, even temporarily. We feel ourselves strong even alone, and hearing many cries addressed to us, some even shouted from comrades kidnapped in the secrets of power, give to us even more strength.

Our scream, which is a roar against the silence in which many lives lie too often, returns to be heard, recovering its position, lefted vacant for a while, in the heretic choir of which it is proud to be part.

May the words will continue to remain armed.


at the Culmination of our Nothing,
– April 2012

[The email address for now remains the same, where possible we will try to make it as safe as possible. Obviously, it is useful to remember that it’s always good to take precautions.]

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