Urgent: Pre-May Day raids of anarchists’ homes in New York City

from anews:

This morning around 6:30am at least two houses were raided by NYPD detectives. In both cases, the cops used the pretext of spurious arrest warrants to gain access to apartments of local anarchists. The warrants were for individuals unconnected to those homes, but allowed cops access to one and apparently justified them forcibly breaking into another.

After entering the apartments the police searched them, intimidated the residents, and ran their identification. In one of the instances, an anarchist organizer was taken into a separate room and interrogated by detectives about past actions and upcoming plans for May Day.

It awaits to be seen if more houses were subject to raids this morning. Regardless, this ‘preemptive strike’ by the NYPD was clearly a coordinated effort to intimidate local organizers and fish for information.

This news comes on top of reports that over the past weeks hundreds of cops have been drilling on Randall’s Island in anticipation of May Day. Those in the NYC area should be aware of these pig tactics and take any necessary precautions in the hours leading up to tomorrow’s activities.

If there was any doubt how seriously the pigs are taking our efforts then those doubts can be put to bed. But if they think that intimidation and harassment can stop us, they have another thing coming.

Tomorrow they won’t be raiding innocent individuals in their beds, they will be up against tens of thousands of angry New Yorkers who have had enough of their bullshit.

May Day means no work. May Day means no shopping or housework. And May Day means revenge.

-Some Brooklyn Anarchists

* * *


At least one more anarchist house has been invaded as of this afternoon using the same tactics and pretenses. It is possible that NYC could see a bunch more raids tomorrow morning in an effort to neutralize opposition.

Stay safe, folks!


There has now been a confirmed fourth apartment that was visited this morning without being let in (door was locked so we don’t know how they got in) and they searched the place and ID’d all the folks they could find.

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