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New York, NY: Solidarity action for Jeremy Hammond

from anews: We call on all NYC-metro anarchists to come out and show support for Jeremy Hammond who’s being arraigned on Monday, May 14th, 12PM at the U.S. Federal Courthouse, 500 Pearl St., New York, NY 10038, in courtroom 12A.

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Urgent: Pre-May Day raids of anarchists’ homes in New York City

from anews: This morning around 6:30am at least two houses were raided by NYPD detectives. In both cases, the cops used the pretext of spurious arrest warrants to gain access to apartments of local anarchists. The warrants were for individuals … Continue reading

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New York, NY: Report from anarchist rally in solidarity with imprisoned hunger strikers in Greece

from our brothers and sisters in NYC via contrainfo: We were a small but lively group of about 20 Anarchists assembled outside the Greek Consulate yesterday evening (19/4). We had two banners, and we passed fliers to bring attention to … Continue reading

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April 19: Call for Solidarity Demo at Greek Embassy in New York

from anews: Solidarity Is Praxis Not Just Words Over the course of the past two weeks, eight imprisoned Greek comrades have declared a hunger strike that has spawned a growing wave of resistance throughout Greece. The prisoners’ diverse statements express … Continue reading

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Announcing Never Alone, long-term anarchist prisoner support tour, April 2012

from Never Alone Tour: It’s 2012. The world is ending. So what are we at Sacramento Prisoner Support and Marie Mason Support Crew gonna do? Go on an epic road trip to talk about prisoner support, of course! Because unless … Continue reading

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United States: Initial actions in solidarity with Oakland rebels

Several immediate actions that we know about have taken place in Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, New York City and Seattle in solidarity with the rebels in Oakland, hundreds of whom were arrested and many injured during a long series of … Continue reading

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List of New Years Eve noise demos outside prisons, jails and detention centers worldwide

Athens, Greece In response to the global call for noise demos, the following demonstrations (that we know about) took place:

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New York, NY: Action in solidarity with the fallen in struggle Pelican Bay prisoners

from anarchistnews: On the night of November 18th, we attacked the Downtown Brooklyn Parole Office with paint. We did this in solidarity with Johnny Owens Vick, Hozel Alanzo Blanchard, and a third currently unnamed prisoner: hunger strikers in California who … Continue reading

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New York, NY: March and Intersection Takeover in Solidarity with the Hunger Strike in California

from anews: On the night of July 20, 2011, we took action in solidarity with the hunger strike started at Pelican Bay, which has spread to many other prisons in California. We marched down 9th St. on the Lower East … Continue reading

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New York, NY: Noise demonstration at jail in solidarity with California prisoner hunger strike

from antiracistaction: “Off the Pigs, Off the Snitches, Burn the Prisons!” In solidarity with the thousands of comrades hunger striking behind bars in California’s maximum security prisons, over a dozen of us braved the rain and held a noise demonstration … Continue reading

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New York: Action Against the Rapist Pigs of the NYPD

from anarchistnews: Justice is Revenge… On May 26th, NYPD officers Moreno and Mata were acquitted of raping a woman in her East Village apartment. The cops in this city have a long history of acting with total impunity while unleashing … Continue reading

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