Freedom for Chris French statement & poster

Imagefrom freedomforchris:

Like thousands of others from around the country, Chris traveled to Chicago this May and attended the anti-NATO protests.

In a demonstration on Sunday evening, Chris was arrested along with several others in a barrage of police violence. In keeping with the precedent set leading up to and throughout the summit, the City of Chicago is using Chris’ political beliefs as an excuse to set his bail at $250,000.

He is being charged with “aggravated battery on a police officer” and “resisting police.” In light of all of this, we need to raise $25,000 simply to get Chris freeFriends and loved ones from Atlanta are doing our best to coordinate the much-needed support for Chris.

More information will be coming soon, but for the time being we know very little. In the meantime, all donations can be directed here. Initial costs will be used to provide Chris with stamps and other commissary funds.

Please send Chris supportive letters or postcards at:

Christopher French
P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, Illinois 60608

For total freedom!


Christopher without his much-needed eye glasses :(

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