To the insurgent comrades – report on the recent events in Bolivia

from culmine, transl waronsociety, by Some Wayward Noctilucae FAI/FRI:

The following text has come out of the necessity of making known to the comrades of the insurrectional struggle around the world what happened, distancing ourselves from the solidarity that has been manifested thus far, which has been, along with the press, the only means for informing ourselves of the situation. We refer to the texts from collectives, individuals of the Bolivian territory who in coming out (see this text) in the face of what happened have taken recourse to protesting and pleading for the “right to free expression,” illogically since it is an illegal action that the state is trying to condemn, affirming that the four arrested are innocent when it is known that one of them does not accept this qualification, and other similar claims. For our part we are interested in widening, by means of our possibilities, the information that is circulating on the web, without any intention of identifying anyone as innocent or guilty, much less victimizing, denouncing, demanding, repudiating or protesting about the “repressive action of the Bolivian state,” since none of these notions corresponds with our anarchist principles.

From some texts, there have been greetings and expressions of solidarity with Renato and Vico who are nothing more than collaborators with the police, with Nina who asks for help and justice and with Henry who from the little we know is the one referred to in the press when they said that will show the explosives, given that on the table of the material seized there were only “fabrics,” that to think differently is not a crime, and that the government is the terrorist to use the situation to instill fear in the people, also our supposition that he is the only arrestee who has not been declared innocent. So we intend to make known some information that will be important to take into account at the moment of acting in solidarity.

On Tuesday the 29th, houses belonging to a wide spectrum of people were raided — platformist “anarchists,” social activists of anarchist tendencies, pachamamistas, anarcho-punks and libertarians in general — some taken under arrest and interrogated in the context of the search for those guilty of carrying out the attacks perpetrated by the FAI/FRI in Bolivia in the past year. Of the seized material, one can see in the photos from the press patches, OARS posters, marijuana and pipes seized from Nina, a 22-caliber revolver seized from Renato, theater masks and leather jackets.

At the same time they published a list of persons supposedly connected to the acts who are sought for interrogation.

From a dozen of arrested and interrogated persons, one was beaten, possibly so that they would provide some information, many who call themselves anarchists gave statements to the police without any sign of objection, contributing names and addresses, establishing relations between some persons and others, recognizing photos, etc.

From this raid, four persons remained arrested — Henry Zegarrundo, Nina Mansilla Cortez, Renato Vincenti and Victor Hugo Gironda (Vico) — until the 31st when there was a judicial hearing to define the situation of the arrested. On this day it became known that the latter two collaborated with the police, offering, according to the press, names and we do not know what information was left in accordance to the police. Therefore they proceeded to put them on house arrest, and Henry and Nina in preventive prison. Henry was then transferred to the San Pedro prison and Nina to the Obrajes prison or to the Miraflores prison (since the press names both) in the city of La Paz.

Apparently, persons coming from the platform [i.e. “anarchist” platformism], in addition to giving the names of those who have supposedly opted for direct action, established two groups of people: one of “leaders-recruiters” and another of “recruited” (sic).

Over the following days, the list given on the 29th was updated with new persons appearing in the police’s sights.

At the moment the arrested persons are Henry and Nina. In one report from the press on the 30th, we learned that of the four arrested persons three had been declared innocent without their names appearing, of whom obviously two were Renato and Vico.

The same day, also in the press, although without clarifying the circumstances, there appeared a fragment of some statement by Nina in which she made it clear that she was a mother, that she had not robbed or killed anybody, that to be a defender of the “rights” of women, children and la pachamama is not terrorism, and asking for justice please. Faced with this, we presume that only Henry remains without allowing himself to be measured according to the parameters of the judicial/policial system.

About the delirious idea of OARS (anarchist organization for social revolution) and its relation with direct action, and the “conspiratorial” meeting of Animal Liberation / Total Liberation that happened in Bolivia in January of last year:

From the press we learn of the absurdity that there was a meeting in which the groups of action had supposedly formed and made plans for the string of attacks that have happened over the past year. It is not necessary to dwell too much on the subject, nor to be very insightful to realize that a meeting of this kind is absolutely inappropriate for speaking about and planning (!) illegal actions given the number of unknown persons who attended them, who knows what informants and police collaborators like those who in these recent days appeared in droves from the same spectrum that calls itself anarchist, anti-authoritarian, blah blah; further dirtying and corrupting the name of the revolution. As in the case of OARS and their members Renato Vincenti, Jeffer Vincenti (brothers, doubly despicable), Victor Hugo Gironda who belongs to the Green Network for Total Liberation who has strong ties with OARS, all recent collaborators of the police.

In order to make clear what kind of people the members of this wretched organization are: they openly justify the existence of the prison system, they speak of the police as “poor workers” and the comrade Mauricio Morales as a “bomb-throwing hippie.” Moreover, they hypocritically champion animal liberation when the majority of their members are vegetarians and some omnivores, raising their stupidity to catastrophic levels to justify their diet and position of life as being in order to more amicably get closer to the workers. But it does not end there; the inanity has no limits in this organization, they believe that it is valuable to work within the constitutional limits of the country (!!!), that local struggles are primary and most important, denying any hint of internationalism. In this organization of machismo, the “girlfriends-property” of the “revolutionaries” only have permission to have their leashes off to go to the kitchen while they converse and debate how to change society at the gunpoint of anarchist laws.

For more information on this organization, you can visit their website ( or just turn to any declaration of principles of a traditional political party.

In conclusion, clearly here the phrase “sometimes reality outdoes fiction” applies.
Without necessity of going into more details, plus the communique that they themselves put out about their dedication to social intervention and the consciousness-raising and intellectual formation of the youth and the workers being public, it is more than clear that these people have nothing to do with direct action. Their statements to the police and collaborations confirm this better than our words.

For the destruction of the system and the prison society!

We greet with great esteem the comrades who remain at war within the system’s cages

Some Wayward Noctilucae FAI/FRI

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