June 11th roundup of actions and events

from anews:

Another great June 11th, thanks to everyone who organized events, wrote letters, and followed their hearts! There were at least forty events planned, including lots of international solidarity. We’re excited about the level of commitment and love everyone showed that day to long-term anarchist prisoners; it makes us feel sure that our friends won’t be forgotten. Still, a whole year will pass before the next June 11th, and in that year Marie, Eric, and everyone else will need financial and emotional support, as well as more profound kinds of solidarity. The spirit of June 11th can be lived every day.

Below is a roundup of events we heard about; if we missed yours, please leave a comment.

Zaragoza, Spain:

“We want to send you our solidarity with Eric, Marie and all anarchist prisoners. We have painted a wall in a square in the city during a day of action in which many people go out to the street to protest for different causes. We decided that it was a good moment to inform people about Marie and Eric, the earth and animal liberation struggle and the supression to anarchist people who are fighting. Here we know about Marie and Eric and we won’t forget them and we won’t forget the rest of prisoners either.”

picture of the whole wall: http://june11.org/wall3.jpg
closeup of the Eric & Marie panel: http://june11.org/wall2.jpg

Pittsburgh, PA:

“Early in the day a group gathered at the Big Idea bookshop to write Marie and Eric letters. At 430p people began to gather at Friendship Park for a demo. Banners were hung, the sidewalks were redecorated with chalk, and we handed out fliers about June 11 to passersby. Despite intermittent rain 20-30 people stopped by at any given time to hang out. Later, people regathered at the bookstore for refreshments. The story of June 11, Marie and Eric was told, along with some readings including Marie’s New Year letter. Then we watched a short film, “On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time”, followed by discussion of repression and prisoner support in general and how to keep those who have been taken from us present in our lives. Manyexpressed inspiration that those held in possibly the worst situation imaginable maintain their principles and connection to us. Discussions later ranged to plans for greater coordination and communication between the various active anarchist groups in the city. Despite the attempts to silence those who fight back this was a small measure of not letting repression divide and isolate us, and we plan to continue such signs of solidarity and the repurposing of public space. ”

Portland, OR:

“Two banners dropped in Portland in solidarity with Pax and other political prisoners. This was done for all those whose lives are being stolen by the state. Currently making more for when night falls. Happy June 11th.”

Toledo, OH:

“Benefit event for Marie Mason, Eric McDavid in Toledo 6/9. ‘If a Tree Falls’ was shown, book stall, vegan potluck, two bands played. Jeremy Hammond solidarity graffiti spotted outside Toledo. Cleveland 5 solidarity graffiti spotted in Ann Arbor.”

Cincinnati, OH:

“Here in Cincinnati we had a nice event at Useful House that started with Food Not Bombs and a literature table, free shirt screenprinting of “learn the facts about political prisoners” artwork, some announcements as to what the donations were going towards and the seriousness of recognizing these long term prisoners, then a few bands. Stillsuit, touring from Oakland, was allotted just a tank of gas (if that) from the donations, but immediately gave half of it back toward the benefit. All in all, not a huge sum of money was gathered, but definitely supplemented by a positive environment surrounding the June 11th topic.”

Grand Rapids, MI:

“Benefit show for Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, followed by street parade with drums, whistles, black flags, and at least 30 people in attendance. A couple of people joined the parade at various parts. Probably lasted around 20-25 minutes.”

Brighton, UK:

“As part of the 11th June International Day of Solidarity we planned a screening of “If A Tree Falls” in Brighton, UK. However, following creating a facebook event for the screening, DogWoof, owners of the UK licence, sent a message via facebook to the organiser stating a licence costing £50 was needed in order to show the film. Despite replying asking permission to show the film and also offering to collect donations (which would have been better spent on prisoners), DogWoof refused, stating film makers need to make a living. We see this as a huge shame! In the end we could not show the film because of this, and were forced to show something not as good and relevant. It’s a shame that activist groups attempting to support prisoners cannot show the film, I’m sure this is not what Daniel wanted when he agreed for it to be made. His story is not to be packaged and sold, especially to those trying to do progressive work. The night in the end went well and we have a card signed for Daniel and many other prisoners, as well as countless personal letters. However it would have been far better and enjoyable if we could have shown “If A Tree Falls.””

St Louis, MO:

“Last night four ATMs were disabled. Money should be locked away and forgotten, not people.

Happy June 11th!”

St Louis, MO:

“Last night, more than 50 parking meters in a bar district and an up-and-coming artist district of St. Louis were made inoperable with glue, paint and hammers. We intended to attack 41 meters–one for each of the 19 years Eric McDavid will be stolen from us and one for each of the 22 years Marie Mason will be stolen from us. But we got excited and forgot to stop.

We did this to communicate through prison walls, so all our imprisoned comrades know we love them and so it is obvious we will not sit idly while they are locked away. We did this because the struggle in defense of the Earth that our comrades were deeply engaged is inextricably linked to the struggle against gentrification and the struggle against state control. Solidarity with all prisoners and all those who choose to resist. Greetings to the unknown STL rebels who attacked the ATMs the night before. Keep it up.”

Seattle, WA:

“The June 11th celebrations began last night in Seattle with a well-attended benefit dinner that also included the sharing of poetry and words of solidarity and struggle. After the dinner, there was a demonstration of about 60 people that met at Seattle Central Community College (the site of the last season’s Occupy camp). The demonstration was led by a banner that read “Free Marie Mason & Eric McDavid, Destroy All Prisons.” People distributed and threw fliers into the air that bore the names of various anarchist prisoners. Fireworks were shot off as people chanted for the destruction of all prisons. Flares were carried throughout the march and eggs were thrown at police cruisers, contributing to the festive atmosphere. The march was short but sweet, coming to a quick end when one police cruiser (with backup) swerved into the crowd, causing everyone to disperse. There were no arrests.

We may be small but we are not alone. The struggle we share with all anarchist prisoners and combatants warms our hearts and fuels our actions! Happy June 11th!”

Seattle, WA:

“Last night the Street of Dreams Corporate Office (located outside of Seattle) had its windows etched out and anarchist graffiti painted on it. This was done for June 11th, in solidarity with all anarchist prisoners including Marie Mason & Eric McDavid, in memory of Avalon and as part of the continual struggle against the destruction of the earth.”

Chicago, IL:

“For the June 11th call for solidarity with long term anarchist prisoners, 4 banners were dropped in Chicago not only for Jeremy Hammond but a few more for the Tinley Park 5. The banners read free Hammond and Free the Tinley Park 5 and were draped over multiple expressway overpasses for all of traffic to see.

Total solidarity with these comrades! Free all prisoners and burn every single fucking prison!”

Bloomington, IN:

“A festive march took the streets of Bloomington, Indiana on Sunday afternoon, June 10th. This event was for the June 11th day of solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, as well as longterm anarchist prisoners in the U.S. and internationally. The parade (complete with a drum line and banners) marched through downtown, making a stop at the Jail to make a ton of noise and try and communicate solidarity with those trapped inside.

The group proceeded to take over all three lanes of traffic on one side of the main square downtown. Couches were pulled into the street, caution tape was strung across all lanes of traffic and barbeque grills were lit. A water balloon fight ensued, and a cop-car-shaped piñata was hoisted. The space was held for about 15 minutes without incident when the pigs, who had passively tailed the march for its duration, got out of their cars and began to encroach upon the revelers.

When the party crashers threatened to wreck our shit, the group moved to take over the adjacent lawn of the old courthouse building for a party that lasted into the early evening. Some highlights of the party included several live bands and dj’d music, more piñatas (one shaped like a jail with pictures of Marie and Eric in the windows, to be broken free), fireworks, BBQ and picnic foods, parlour games, and temporarily erected graffiti walls. A banner was dropped off a building across the street reading “FREE MARIE MASON, FREE ERIC MCDAVID, EARTH FIRST!”).

Solidarity statements periodically read over the P.A. were loud enough to be heard through all of downtown. These statements expressed solidarity with Eric and Marie, gave information and history about June 11th, discussed locally relevant cases such as the Tinley Park 5, and read excerpts from Down, a new book about long-term prison rebels in Indiana state prisons. A statement was also read expressing solidarity with prisoners of the Greek state who are being held and charged as terrorists, just as Eric and Marie are. We also acted in solidarity with comrades in Turkey from Yeryüzüne Özgürlük Derneği (Freedom to Earth Association), British prison rebel John Bowden, as well as Andrzej Mazurek, the last remaining imprisoned comrade from the Greek riots of December 2008, who will appear before the court tomorrow to appeal an 11-year sentence, as well as many other comrades who are imprisoned across the U.S. and the globe.

Here in Bloomington, ensuring lasting support for Marie feels especially important– Marie was a member of the radical environmental and anarchist communities here for many years, and her absence is palpable here as in many other places. I-69, a superhighway project she fought against, is currently in the first stages of construction, after a 20+ year battle against it’s existence. Marie’s continuing struggle inside prison informs and strengthens the struggles we carry on outside, and vice versa- we stand adverse to the daily and systemic violence of capitalism, which creates both the environmental devastation that Marie fought against and the prison walls that hold her captive. The state has taken her away from us for now, but they will never erase her from our hearts and minds.

We can’t wait for tomorrow!”

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