Milwaukee, WI: Communique for attacks on DNR and Chase bank

from socialrupture, communique:

Wisconsin is open for business, but Milwaukee refuses. On the night of June 11 we took extinguisher paint to the Department of Natural Resources(DNR) and Chase bank, damaging the buildings, windows, and security cameras.

The DNR has been an enemy of environmentalists and anarchists since its inception. Their deregulations, hiring contractors, and destroying the wild infuriate us to no end.

We hope our actions help Marie Mason and Eric McDavid get a restful nights sleep in prison. We demand that Marie writes at least one children’s book every year, and that Eric coaches a children’s football league upon his release. Chase bank was attacked in solidarity with friends in St. Louis. Fuck a cop!

This Begins War. A war on the DNR, The State, and Capital. A war on misery. Shout outs to our friends in prison, friends in St. Louis, and friends in Ohio. Don’t regret your desire for freedom, or the way you are enlivened by rage and despair.

Some Animals in Human Attire.

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