Chile: Two explosive attacks on police stations

from the press, via lt, transl waronsociety:

Two explosive attacks happened in less than eight hours to two police stations in Santiago, located in downtown and in Central Station. In neither of the attacks were any leaflets found vindicating the action, nor was anyone wounded or arrested.

The first was an incendiary device that affected a mobile command center stationed around the intersection of Mac Iver and Santo Domingo, outside of the 1st Precinct, in the middle of downtown. It was made of two plastic bottles with fuel and an ignition mechanism placed at the wheel of the vehicle.

The second attack happened at 6 AM in the 21st Precinct of Central Station, where there was a metallic container of 40 cm found filled, with a 30 cm fuse, which was connected to a generator. Apparently the explosive device had not detonated due to the fuse going out due to the night’s humidity. In the parking area of the police building there was at least 12 vehicles.

Unlike the situation of the first attack, which the Public Minister investigated, this was sent to the Military Prosecution since it happened inside of a police property.

According to GOPE personnel who carried out studies at the precinct the device was filled with Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and had an industrial fuse.

These two attacks are added to the one that happened on June 16 at 1:45 PM at 526 Dragones de la Reina, which according to the police had been a butane gas canister activated by direct fire. No one has claimed the deed, but they found graffiti for Luciano Pitronello in the area.

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