Mexico: Legal and medical situation of Mario López

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

After having suffered various serious wounds of burns on the arm and leg from the accidental explosion of a device, the comrade is interned in the Rubén Leñero General Hospital, they have made operations to graft skin on both parts, in the case of his leg they had to intervene surgically due to damage to an artery that, in an extreme case, carries the risk of being amputated. The compa remains conscious.

After the explosion of the incendiary device, the comrade was brought to the hospital under arrest. Since his introduction at 5 AM on June 27, he has been totally out of communication, so he has been without the possibility of getting a legal defense that is not the official (given by the State). They obtained an initial statement from him even though he was not in favorable physical and mental condition since it was carried out after an operation, under the effects of anesthesia and under a great deal of police pressure. It wasn’t until June 28 at about 4:30 PM that he had contact for the first time with his legal representative. It is expected that they will carefully review his file, still assigned to the Coy-2 agency of the Public Ministry and waiting to be remanded to a prison of the Federal District in the next hours; the charges have been changing according to reports, what they seem to indicate is that they are mounting a case, the most recent are damage to property and attacks to public property. The comrade Mario López Fernández asserts himself as an anarchist, denying solely and completely any belonging to the “#yo soy 123” movement and the Tenochtitlan Salvation Front mentioned in the press.

We know that they are trying to link a comrade, Felcicity Ryder, and that the investigation remains open in search of supposed responsible parties.

It is necessary to be on the watch about his condition of health, that he not be transferred to any penitentiary until it is re-stabilized. Likewise that the lawyers that he has accepted for his case be recognized as against the legal bodies.

Finally, we made a call to the anarchist movement to unite forces and demonstrate our support and solidarity with the compa. For the moment the spreading of information on Mario’s situation is necessary. With the elections in a few days, the comrade’s case may be manipulated for electoral ends, nevertheless, we know that his position doesn’t only focus against the false democracy and the tempo that currently lives in Mexico. His posture goes beyond that, he is an anarchist and therefore attacks all existent power.

Total solidarity with Mario López and Felicity Ryder