Update on Douglas L. Wright’s hunger strike

from anews:

I just wanted to give a quick update on one of the Cleveland 5 prisoner’s (Douglas L. Wright) and a sincere thank you for everyone’s concerns, well wishes, and actions regarding Doug being thrown into solitary and subsequent hunger strike. Douglas is now out of solitary and has ended his hunger strike. This latest bit of bullshit that was hurled his way is over largely due to the simple fact that Doug was finally able to just simply explain what happened to the assistant warden.

This incident was started when a certain inmate was put in Doug’s pod whose sole purpose it seemed was to try and start fights with Doug and the other inmates. Doug, staying true to his anarchist principles of not being an oppressor and refusing to be oppressed, knew action had to be taken. After failed attempts to explain the situation to the c.o.’s, Doug had an important decision to make. To get the provocateur out of the pod does he go the way of violence and give a righteous pounding to this piece of shit bully or does he stay nonviolent and stretch the truth a bit? Well, long story short, Doug took a stand, stayed nonviolent, stretched the truth a bit, got caught truth stretching, and had his ass tossed in solitary.

Good for you, Doug. Good for you that on behalf of yourself and your fellow inmates you took a stand against aggression and bullying. And this aggression and bullying from certain inmates and especially the c.o.’s will continue and intensify the closer you get to your court date in September. They are trying to get you to lash out violently so as to parade you in front of the jury as some crazed, violent, terrorist. But you’re not a terrorist. You’re a good boy and I’m proud as hell to call you comrade. I can only imagine the hell you’re going through. Doug, just know you’re constantly in our thoughts and actions. Keep being true to your anarchist principles and don’t let those bastards get you down.

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