Argentina: Claim of responsibility for several arson attacks

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

On July 21 at 1 AM, an individual approached the ATM of the Nation of the Argentine Republic Bank located on Adolfo Alsina and San Jose in downtown Buenos Aires, splashing gasoline in the area and leaving an incendiary device with a five minute delay.

Direct attack on property, attack against authority, destruction of the State/Capital, no dialogue with Power, there is no truce, the social war is now.

The normality of our surroundings tries to contain and immobilize us, instilling fear with the punishment of justice and the control of technological security. We can think whatever we want and critique whatever we want, seated before those who trust in and await the social revolution. But then again we can also choose to plan an act of sabotage that subverts the order imposed through the force of authority.

Capitalism is manifested starting from work, then through currency and arriving at consumption; the State is manifested starting from the everyday life of one’s family, then through social relations and arriving at obedience, acceptance and social adaptation.

The total rupture with the dominant values points to the total liberation of the world; a public or a private establishment can give life to the system, or a commodity or an instrument of power and oppression, or a private property.

On this occasion nationalism has been attacked, and also the coercive structure. Do not say that we are few, say only that we are. In Italy compas are repressed by the State, and they continue carrying out offensive attacks for freedom; in Greece the struggle continues; in Chile, in Mexico, insurgent compas show signs of the rebel spirit that moves them to destroy the construction of this authoritarian world that is advancing over everything.

And in all parts of the world the new Anarchy of praxis makes its actions heard, because the new world that anarchists carry in our hearts cannot wait too long in analyzing with words.

We also declare ourselves responsible for the incendiary attack on a car belonging to the “Prosegur” security company at Laplace and Campana (in Villa del Parque); and for the arson of five luxury cars: an automobile on Larrea and Paraguay (Recoleta), a truck on Gral. Rivas and Condarco (Villa del Parque), an automobile at Tinogasta and Allende (Villa Devoto), a car on Lavallol and Nueva York (Villa Devoto), and a truck at Nazarre and Bahia Blanca (Villa Devoto).

Friends of the Earth / Informal Anarchist Federation.

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