Mexico: An indomitable salute to the comrades Tripa and Felicity

from 325, transl waronsociety:

Health and strength, comrades. It is what you need most in this hour.

Compañero Tripa, you know that we will always be with you and we will recall you in every action of the daily conflict we have chosen in order to take freedom in our hands.
Because we like you have anarchy in our guts,* you are and will be that feeling in the stomach that the rebels feel in every act of disobedience against authority. Because unlike some others, we do not play at revolution, and we don’t ask for permission to be free, we understand that anarchy is a position, a tension toward freedom that lives day by day, a rebellion against this world that reduces us to commodities. Solidarians with the solidarian, in spite of everything, anarchists of all tendencies are coming forward for you; going out and vindicating you cannot mean anything other than a conviction to the struggle that no one can deny your commitment to. Felicity, compañera, we are with you, we will be the shadow that accompanies you in your dignified escape, always alert and always firm, do not let this poisonous air penetrate your convictions, always proud, always anarchist. Power’s lies do not corrupt the minds of the honest.

Our commitment, anarchist sisters and brothers, to them and to each other, is to continue with their struggles. It would be nonsense to reduce the struggle to support our imprisoned sisters and brothers, because that would imply taking our sights off of the enemy, by which we hold in sights the totality of this system of domination, meaning also stalking the jailers and police who guard or pursue our comrades. Every minute of confinement, every fugitive step, know that we are with you and that outside of the prisons we are continuing the insurrection that you began. We will never let you be alone.
We hope that you can also make, from this new situation that you find yourselves in, a propaganda by the deed; this is a new front, a new trench, after all–Social war on all fronts and spread the Black Plague!!

Comrades, we will not marginalize ourselves from the compas‘ struggle, if you ask why he is imprisoned or she is a fugitive, we respond with the same pride with which they vindicate themselves as anti-authoritarians and we declare: for going face-to-face with the enemy, for directly attacking the system that dominates us day after day. We are smart about the ways we divulge information, but we do not intend to hide the reality, because we would be accepting the system’s values by which they condemn us and play at not-being or at the hypocrisy of the democratic legaloid citizen’s ways and discourses. Because to order is bad, but to obey is worse. Because our struggle is not to improve or refine this system but rather for its annihilation.

We will not rest until we see the last exploiter hung
with the guts of the last priest!!

Neither guilty nor innocent, simply consistent!!
Because solidarity between anarchists is more than a word!!
Fire to the State, Fire to Capital, Fire to the Church!!
Never defeated, always on the war path!!
Always with the Rebels!!
Death to Authority and Long Live Fucking Anarchy!!

Destroy the Prisons

* Mario’s nickname, Tripa, means guts – transl.

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