Mexico: Claim of incendiary actions from 2010 and 2011

from vla, transl wos:

“…Because, although uniformity may be somewhat assumed on the general lines with respect to the tactics to follow, these tactics can be brought about in hundreds of different ways, each one of them with thousands of particularities… But we unite spontaneously, without permanent criteria, in momentary affinities…”
–Giuseppi Ciancabilla—

“…There are some of us made with a defect, that of not being faithful to the machine, we are useless parts… There is no excuse, take whatever is available, not necessarily C4, simply gasoline, gunpowder or another additional ingredient…”
–Adrián Magdaleno—

And so what if these were not large-scale actions? And so what if Kaczynski and the ITS are a government fabrication? And so what if we do not manage to destroy either the system of domination or the technological-industrial system? The word–whether propaganda by the deed or solidarity–is necessary for the social war, but the word is useless without action! It becomes banal and distorts reality. Actions more than words, since the reductive logic of concepts puts a shackle on ideas/actions.


The early hours of July 10, 2010, an egoist and incendiary action was carried out against a truck belonging to the ‘Tecnoval’ company, in the “necropolis” of Toluca, State of Mexico. And so what if this action may also be reductive? To break the myths of organization! It is clear that at these heights of domination, it sounds pretty ephemeral to “hit where it hurts” against the mega-machine; In the diffuse social war the targets are so everyday and so diverse that for us to focus on one alone–the techno-industrial system for example–ends up “leftist” in the end.


And it must be said that also to act before the techno-system without clear intention of “destabilizing it,” simply as a direct attack on the torturous anthropocentrism of our era. Polymorphic action against every vestige of civilization!! In this way we also claim responsibility for another diabolic and incendiary action, executed on August 1st of last year–2011–in the parking lot of a hotel in the same city upon a federal police cruiser; authority is also the target of assault in this nihilist ideation/action. Permanent insurrection on all fronts!! By way of contribution – to kill technologists and bankers. And so what if it is ‘Kaczynski’ or ‘Bonanno’??? Destruction of the physical and mental structures of power! Without intellectual spirit, the best contribution to this war is always rebellion, that rebellion that has no ’cause,’ since its cause is precisely the creative Nothing, from which violence beautifully emanates.

Anonymous, Savage and Spontaneous Chaos
Tending to the Informal Anarchists Federation.

PS. Actions done in insurgent complicity with the prisoners of war in Mexico: xBraux, Mario – “El Tripa” and Adrian. DISOBEDIENCE TO YOU!!!

PS. Combative greetings to the waywards of the FAI in Bolivia, striving for ANARCHY to live!

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