St. Louis: Communique for attack on police van in solidarity with Northwest comrades

from anews:

In the early morning of July 27th in a Metro East St Louis city, Edwardsville, Illinois, the parking lot across the street from the Edwardsville Police Department was visited with knives and spraypaint. Although we left the hammers at home this time and despite us only deciding on spraypaint, we arose to the call of international solidarity with our small action of spraypainting “Stop Northwest FBI Oppression” on the St Louis City Police Department Probation van. The only reason other vehicles of pig mobility weren’t attacked as well was only because their pig cars were out oppressing others. We saw their red and blue pig lights illuminating prison bars down Main Street and were filled with disappointment until finding the remaining probation van. We are promising one action a week, and as oppression intensifies so will our actions. Actually, hell with it, if this northwest FBI oppression bullshit doesn’t just end we will intensify our actions.

Regardless, this action also coincides with complaints of tenants in the city against landlords who repeatedly invade the privacy of their tenants, act on racist motives, ignore domestic disputes until the police come pigging and neglect maintenance of things such as plumbing, air conditioning and mailboxes.

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