Letter from a prisoner to a free Gaviota

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

They say men don’t cry
I cry because I am not a man
I am a wild animal inside a cage
Because authority makes walls and bars exist
While it remains so it will be,
But even though it exists we are us:
The anti-authoritarians who resist losing;
Who resist not crying;
In the outdoor or indoor prison we are free,
Because within us survives a wild heart,
A rebel soul that destroys whatever antagonism.
We have different sensations:
We cry from happiness, sadness, hatred, but not from fear,
Fear we confront.

We are the uncontrollable wild ones
Who send and receive beautiful gestures of solidarity.
My brothers-sisters-comrades they pursue,
Imprison and try to extract from their dignified life;
We contaminate normality in all places,
Firm, rebel, wild and strongly consistent.

May the Beautiful Waters follow their rebel flow,
May yours soon be with you,
May all the strength you send be returned to you
Charged with as much strength as you send.
Today I fly to the unknown, to the darkness,
I fly to anonymity even though power has taken me from it,
Today I rise with the taste for returning,
For returning to the wild mount where I come from,
To the place where I have no name but yes an identity.
You take your name because you are you,
Not what the others want you to be.
You are an indomitable who rejects authority,
Your noble heart will never let them defeat you.

Power or those you criticize you without knowing you themselves will never erase you,
Your name will never be one more in our history
Because so have you decided, you do what you need to,
This is why now we cry together with happiness,
Because these words amount to a strong embrace.

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