Chile: Compa Joao, accused of burning 3 buses, is now out of Sename Prison!

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Joao Catrilaf Catrileo (age 14) was arrested on August 8, 2012 in a student march that ended with three Transantiago buses completed incinerated. The following day, the prosecution changed him with the arson of one of the machines and the Court left him with full house arrest. That went until Friday 8/17, then the prosecution along with the Express bus company appealed, and the Court of Appeals dictated preventive detention in a prison in Sename.

Two months into his imprisonment, on October 24 the prosecution re-charged him for the arson of three buses. This, with the clear intention of instilling fear in the youth who do not conform to marching peacefully and also as revenge against Joao for not repenting his participation in the riots, being that he emphatically denied having any relation to the arsons.

Finally on Wednesday, December 5, after almost four months of captivity under horrible conditions in a “center” in Sename, the Court revoked the “preventive detention” leaving him under strict biweekly probation; since that day he has been able to be with his close ones again.

Still there exists the possibility that the prosecution will appeal and finally it would be the Court of Appeals that decides about the compañero‘s life.

We salute our compita and it makes us very happy that he is outside of the claws of the Sename screws and the gendarmes.

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