Chile: Hans Niemeyer is on the run


Esperemos que vueles como el viento, con las estrellas y la luna como su guia!!!!


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From vivalaanarquia, transl. by waronsoicety:

As anarchists we recognize the war against this society and its logic. At the same time we can not nor want to overlook the difficult moments those of us who go on the offensive must live through. Clandestinity is an extremely difficult decision for those who choose it, but without a doubt one of the most dignified.

We are not interested in knowing if Hans is “guilty” or “innocent” of the charges he is accused of (the placing of 3 explosive devices), and after having reading his words (in spanish) we became his accomplices in this struggle.

Lets consider the facts.

Hans Niemeyer was placed under house arrest as part of the proceedings against him for the alleged placement of three explosive artifacts (Banco BCI, Memorial de Jaime Guzmán y Automotora One), risking 19 years in prison. Later Grupo de Combate Manuel Gutiérrez and the Núcleo Autónomo del Crimen Revolucionario claimed the aforementioned attacks, declaring that Hans did not participate in a single one.

The conditions of his house arrest (which began 11/28/12) stated that Hans was not able to leave his home and was to be visited each day by the police. This was more of a theory however, for in reality the police only visited him one day (the 5th of December) and never came back. Hans seized this opportunity and decided to escape, and since Thursday the 7th of December has been unable to be found. However, due to the continual incompetence on the part of the police, this was only noticed yesterday (12/14/12), the day that Hans was set to appear at court to return to preventative detention in prison (his house arrest was revoked only a few days before).

Yesterday a INTERPOL dispatched a warning and international order for capture, forecasting the risk of international flight.

Despite everything, Hans remains undiscovered.

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    Nota de Refractario: Bajamos todas las fotos de Hans de la pagina, al igual que lo han hecho lxs compañerxs de Liberación Total. Aun cuando las policias y la prensa posean cientos de fotografias, nosotros no colaboraremos con sus archivos para la identificacion de profugos.

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