Bolivia: Letter from Krudo for the week of agitation

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

I will begin by saying that with all of this shit that I’m going through with my confinement in many ways I am totally happy because I know that many people are doing events and more in order that beautiful solidarity may breathe (and I do not say this in a Christian sense but rather in the sense of fighting for all prisoners) I am content to know that the great bond we proudly call punk is propagating and transmitting so powerfully the virus that we are, that rabid, loud, desirous virus of revenge.

So in this way I make known my darkest feelings of hatred toward those who put me here and put us behind bars, also for those who did not hesitate to deliver me to the filthy hands of power, those false critics of this false reality, that society which shirks its dignity and defends reform. And there remains the urge to destroy this established order that tries to annihilate us.

We are the black fire that is exposed through the cracks of the holocaust, of a civilization invested with corpses of routine. This is how I feel, and now I know that I am not alone but well accompanied, TAKING pleasure in that unconditional support and in the complicity that exists from one punk to another.

I am so well aware of all the activities that are done to send me the strength that I lack in this day-to-day.

I also see images of the banners, graffiti, posters and the rest. Faced with all this I am totally grateful and happier because I still have my compas at my side.

A compa already said it: we are the punks, not everyone, but those who remain, demonstrating once again that the punks infest the present with courage.

Knowing about the week of agitation, I send these combatant and sincere words and I say that I remain firm and in resistance. I also send my warmest strength to those individuals in solidarity with the prisoners and of course to all the prisoners who are also resisting the bars.

I bit farewell with joy and also with the rage that I feel even here, reclaiming the present conflict.

from the Qalauma prison,
Krudo Basura

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