Chile: Riot commemorating 5 years since the assassination of Matías Catrileo

from liberación total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia:

pics here

Hundreds of people gathered at 7pm in the center of Santiago, to march from the Alameda by Paseo Ahumada to Plaza de Armas. This as part of the fifth commemoration in memory of Matías Catrileo.

The rally was held despite the large police contingent surrounding the perimeter of the march, to avoid the rioting that had occurred last year.

After arriving in Plaza de Armas, some encapuchadxs [hooded ones] began to riot and threw Molotov cocktails at two bank branches, a Santander Banefe and a BancoEstado. Furthermore others lit-up barricades and began to sabotage other stores and pharmacies.

There were also clashes with the bastards of the Special Forces police, who used their armored vehicles to shoot water and gases, along with all their arsenal to try to disperse protesters. The whole center turned into a huge chaos.

There were protesters detained, but we have no information if there were some who spent the night in jail or if some will be in court Friday January 4.

Clashes in Villa Francia, Santiago.

Moreover in the combative Villa Francia, neighborhood of the Estación Central district. Encapuchadxs lit-up barricades on 5 de Avril and clashed with molotov against law enforcement agents. All this in memory of rebel Matías Catrileo.

Police said they arrested three youths, who in their backpacks had material to make molotovs. The youths spent the night in jail and will be in court Friday January 4.

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