Chile: Judicial update on Carla and Ivan; Alberto Olivares returns to Santiago Prison

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

On November 23, 2012, after a violent fight in the oval of his former prison which ended with the death of a prisoner, the prison administration decided to punitively transfer Alberto Nicolas Olivares, who was locked up in a completely separate module (Module A). Nico is an anti-capitalist comrade, former member of the urban guerrilla FPMR and now a libertarian.

El 23 de Noviembre del 2012 tras una violenta pelea en el ovalo de la ex-penitenciaria que culmina con la muerte de un prisionero, la administración carcelaria decide trasladar de forma vengativa a Alberto Nicolas Olivares quien se encontraba secuestrado en un modulo completamente aparte (Módulo A). El Nico es un compañero anticapitalista, ex miembro de la guerrilla urbana FPMR y actual libertario.

“Nico” was transferred violently and unexpectedly to the El Manzano II prison-business, to the Maximum Security Section. Module 34, where they have visits through phone booths and only once a month have face-to-face visits, and food is restricted since the comrade is vegetarian.

On January 4, 2013, Alberto was again transferred to Santiago temporarily in order to be present before the initiation of court hearings regarding suspending his punitive transfer to Concepción. “Nico” again entered Module A, but this time temporarily, awaiting a hearing where the prison guards’ lawyer will point out and try to justify “Nico’s” permanence in a maximum security prison in Concepción. It is in waiting until January 11 for the delivery of a response and decision regarding his case and permanence in Module A.

El 4 de Enero del 2013 Alberto vuelve a ser trasladado a Santiago de forma transitoria para estar presente ante la realización de audiencias en el tribunal respecto a suspender su traslado vengativo a Concepción. El “nico” ingresa nuevamente al Módulo A, pero esta vez de forma transitoria esperando que se realice una audiencia donde el abogado de gendarmería señalara y tratara de justificar la permanencia de “nico” en una cárcel de máxima seguridad en Concepción. Es de esperar que el 11 de Enero se entregue una respuesta y resolución respecto a su caso y permanencia en el Módulo A.

We salute Alberto Nicolas Olivares, who for now is locked up in Santiago, at least close to his family, companion and close ones. We hope for a good outcome and that the guards’ punitive maneuvers remain null.

* * *

On December 27, 2012, the Prosecution closed the investigation period against the comrades Carla and Ivan. On January 7, the Southern Prosecution delivered “The Accusation” to the tribunal in which they indicate the classification of the law, the witnesses, experts and evidence, and what sentence they are seeking to reach at trial.

The prosecutors Hector Barros and Christian Toledo decided to present 25 witnesses, 17 experts, a report on Juan Aliste’s prison visitations (he is Carla’s partner) along with “anarchist” literature found in their raids and also the prosecution intends to present internet documents in support of the comrades in prison.

Power is asking for a sentence of 5 years and a day against both comrades accused of the attempted placement of a terrorist device. In order to maintain and justify the qualification of terrorist they pointed to the supposed intentions of the arrested, the Prosecution’s speculations point to the possible “target” being related to the hearing for the preparation of the oral trial against the accused in the Security Case.

Carla Verdugo and Ivan Silva were arrested on April 17, 2012 transporting parts of a homemade bomb and changes of clothing. The comrades have remained dignified in prison, not accepting the Prosecution’s blackmail that seeks for them to accept the anti-terrorist law in order to automatically be released to the street.

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