Bolivia: Speaking of Snitches

from non-fides, transl waronsociety:

On January 3rd, we received an email from Roberto Flores Terceros of Bolivia, asking us to publish a “right of response” from Nina Mancilla, Virginia Aillón and Paula Estenssoro in reply to some texts that we have published (see “While witches are being burned: Against indifference, delation and complicity with the State” in Dark Nights #27 (pdf); and “About what happened in Bolivia” (Spanish link)).

In summary, on May 29, 2012, the Bolivian State carried out a large scale anti-anarchist operation. Twelve sectors conducted the arrest of thirteen people, all suspected, at different levels, of being members or having relations with members of the FAI/FRI [1]. The majority were released in freedom after supplying some information, ending in the arrest of other persons. These repressive operations are the State’s response to a series of attacks with explosives on ATMs, an official building, and fast food chains, all claimed by the FAI/FRI.

Of crime after crime, only five remain accused: Henry Zagarrundo and Mayron “Krudo” Kioshiro who are imprisoned, as well as two people from OARS [2] and Nina Manchilla who are on house arrest.

From the beginning, Henry did not cede anything to the police interrogator, did not play the game of guilt and innocent and rejected any kind of collaboration with the enemy.

Krudo collapsed before the cops, playing the game that his lawyer asked him to, signing a statement that implicated the others, before explaining himself publicly in a letter where he expressed his regret for not having been successful against the cops.

Nina Mancilla has not ceased to proclaim her “innocence” at the expense of the others: she published a letter in which she says that she recognized one of the “guilty” in a video of the cops, without naming her, but giving them information enough to help the police in their work, and attributing to the person in the video–instead of the State and its prison guards–responsibility for her own incarceration. In that letter, she invites the “guilty” to “assume their responsibilities,” which would mean–if we follow the thread of her thinking–that they should hand themselves over to the cops.

In the letters Nina and her friends sent us, they confirm their positions, namely: the conflation of all violent action with machismo; innocentism; betrayal; and disassociation [3]. In the letter, Nina untiringly reiterates her innocence, calling the communiques that report on her position as a traitor “police provocations,” blaming those who go on the attack as vandals (pejoratively understood) and “Papa’s children.” [4]

The texts from her “solidarious” friends are of the same kind and merit no more attention than hers does. [5]

Nina concludes her ardent diatribe in defense of libertarian snitching, affirming for us that she is our enemy [6]. In effect, our anarchism has nothing to do with libertoid citizenism, which has nothing reproach, of Nina and her friends or OARS [7], nor do we have anything to do with the alchemists of their kind who manage, with such cleverness, to make anarchism rhyme with the conservation of the existent, transforming ink into shit. That being so, yes, we are enemies.

Strength, courage and determination to Krudo.

Solidarity with Henry, your attitude and intransigence in spite of the continually tightening siege between the State and the State’s libertarian collaborators inspires us, even from the other side of the world, since the social war has no borders.

Some contributors from Non Fides
– Anarchist Information Center

P.S. If we have taken the trouble to speak about these letters, it is not to provide means of communication for these lowlifes. This is why we are not publishing the texts. Nevertheless, compas who want to read them can put themselves in touch with us.

(from Non-Fides)
[1] Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front
[2] Who snitched on Nina and Henry
[3] Passages from Nina Mancilla’s letter:
“Who are the infiltrators? No one says anything about the attitude of those who placed bombs and then cowered, declaring for months that they were not connected with them, attending meetings, concerts and discussions without saying what they had done it so that at least we would know for whom we had be unwillingly implicated.”
“I asked another question–Why should I be quiet?–and I keep asking the same thing: why should I be quiet before the facts, why should I rot in prison in other people’s place, people who today live outside in absolute comfort after having committed their attacks and are not taking responsibility for them and are letting others pay for their actions?”
[4] Nevertheless, one might ask who is the “Papa’s child” knowing that, in her case, Papa is the Ambassador of Bolivia in Mexico (see this article from the bourgeois press, in Spanish).
[5] One of them says, for example: “Surely I will also be added to the list of “traitorous and snitching” women for what I am going to say. Conscious of that, I will not hide in the anonymity of pseudonyms, groups, movements, collectives or whatever, therefore I identify myself with the “legal” name that the State, my family and those who know me gave me.” And logically she ended by signing with her name, family names, and DNI number (Paula Estenssoro Velaochaga. C.I. 1075652 Ch.), demonstrating to all of us that she has “nothing to hide nor reproach.”
[6] “because when I free myself from your truths, from your dogmas, from your reproaches and from your orders, I am your enemy.”
[7] Bolivian organization from whose ranks various members were arrested and have been good informers and perfect dissociators who have gone to the extreme of publishing on their web page a poster (which we expect has never been found on any wall in real life) that says “”Capitalism will NOT be destroyed by burning “ATMs”… The Power of “Those from Above” and the State, will Only be destroyed from Below, Creating POPULAR POWER!!!”

The poster from the Anarchist Organization for Social Revolution

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