France: Yet More Pressure Against the Site [edited]

from Non-Fides, transl waronsociety (thanks to non-fides for the help!):

Tuesday, January 22nd at 4:45 PM, the BRDP knocked on the door of Olivier and announced: “Search!” Olivier is targeted this time because his name is the registered host of the site Once again, agents came in order to find out the authors of the tract “Correspondants de nuit: des agents de proximité de la guerre aux pauvres” [Night correspondants*: Agents of the war on the poor] published the 6th of October, 2010, on Nantes Indymedia and relayed to various sites (including Non-Fides) and widely distributed in Belleville and in Northeast Paris, where five night correspondents and the city government had complained of “defamation” and “incitement to the commission of an offense without effect.” There have already been numerous summons as well as the searching of another house where a comrade named Dan lives.

Beyond their small, anecdotal investigations in which the pigs know well they will not gain much in terms of repression, this is about the “specialized services” (DCRI**, SAT***, etc), and through them the public prosecutor, keeping pressure on people facing “pending” trials within the deportation machine and their ballads and sabotages of ATMs****, and also updating some data by stealing computers, USB sticks, etc.

Obviously no fidgeting of the State’s repressive forces will stop our rebellion.
Without fear or resignation, long live the social war.

Some anarchists.

NB: BRDP, which presents itself as an “antechamber of the anti-terrorism section” (according to the pigs) specializes in the prosecution of defamation, including threats. They have already shown this in their investigation of the text Analysis of an anti-terrorist investigation dossier” in which they interrogated a comrade suspected of maintaining the blog “Même pas peur,” and then Olivier and Camille during their January 2011 arrest by anti-terrorist police.

Translator’s notes:

* “Night Correspondents” are a sort of citizen-police initiative in France similar to “city ambassadors” in some American cities. They maintain social peace by surveilling and harassing the poor, as well as snitching on crime. Their propaganda encourages residents to report neighbors who play their music too loud or gather in public spaces.

** The Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur, the French intelligence agency

*** Anti-terror police force

**** There was a campaign of sabotage of ATMs in 2008/2009 in solidarity with a revolt that burned entirely the biggest immigrant detention center (Vincennes in Paris) in 2008. Something like a hundred ATMs were smashed/burned/exploded or put out of use with acid. Anarchists and other revolutionary comrades went to prison accused of participation by the antiterror unit of the crime squad. For more information see:

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