From inside Swiss prison: communique from Marco Camenisch about his hunger strike

As a contribution to the decentralized days of action for the immediate release of Marco Camenisch, we translate this letter from Marco on his hunger strike which began January 18.

Preceding Marco’s letter is a text from prisoners in solidarity in Italy, calling for actions to be taken against Swiss interests.

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

Marco Camenisch, held in prison for over 21 years may be able to enjoy his anticipated release as stipulated Swiss law for prisoners who have completed over 2/3 of their sentence.

But now the Swiss authorities seek to make an example out of Marco, who has coherently never bowed his head before the inequalities and noxiousness of this System, by showing that the clock is more cruel then accurate: Marco must stay in prison.

The grave is the insult that his rebellious life implies against the opulent Swiss society, too dangerous is the example of so many years of tenacious struggle against this sick and venomous society.

Now, as has occurred in previous solidarity mobilizations, in the attacks and protests that have accompanied Marcos through these years of resistance in various prisons, first Italian and now Swiss, now is the time to make understood who they have sentenced, that our comrade is not alone and that his imprisonment will always be a source of troubles and problems for the beloved economic interests of the Swiss state. Interests whose agents and structures are also present for us here through the innumerable institutions of finance and security, transportation and communication business in the countryside, health and pharmaceutical industries….

This is why we consider it useful  to direct attack against their increasing sensitivity to make sure that, in these decisive moments for Marco’s destiny, the cry of solidarity reaches the ears of his jailers.

Until Marco is free!

* * *

Brothers and sisters, comrades,

On the 18th of January 2013, I retook the initiative–always feeble, nonetheless the initiative–of a hunger strike to interrupt once more the large silences imposed by repression and passivity in order to lift up once more a voice–a weak voice but at least still a voice–of solidarity, recognition, and participation in the initiatives of those who continue to act and construct solidarity and an active struggle, of those who continue to dare and increase continuity outside of and inside of prisons.

This is a warm and emotional fraternal embrace to comrade Elisa, imprisoned in Italy and comrade Gabriel, imprisoned  in Germany, concretely in solidarity with me in their daily initiatives of hunger strike this past December 2102 and for the unconditional participation in the thickness of this initiative, sending me, together with them as this sister and comrade and this brother comrade, my complicit solidarity to all the dignified prisoners in the struggles scattered throughout the world… and also a big part of this initiative of mine is a greeting and embraces to the brothers and sisters struck by repression, “fugitives”, and direct action in every part of the world, from Italy and Greece, to South America, from Russia and Indonesia to the United States…

This is a warm and emotional embrace to those in Switzerland, Belgium, and in all places, such as the International Red Aid and many other specific revolutionary groups and mixtures and individuals with the banner of solidarity against repression beyond tendencies, that in this period continue and increase the forces for my liberation and the liberation of all the imprisoned comrades of the world, most of all the very long term ones, struck by the State-Capital’s infinite and impotent–impotent in the face of our firm solidarity and revolutionary resistance–thirst for vengeance, such as against the comrade Ibrahim Abdallah in France, Mumia Abu Jamal and so many others in the United States, and the comrades of the “Security Case” in Argentina, along with all the others!

And this is, once again, solidarity and participation in the initiatives and a profound sign of rage against the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (FEM) of Davos in January, against this meeting of the world’s most exquisite terrorist scum. Against this meeting of the world’s rich and powerful murderers and exploiters, along with their legions of ass-kissers, pigs, politicians, “experts” (scientists), clowns (of “culture,” of the media…) who, like the scum they are, always swim on the surface of the poisonous, nauseating and ever-more-lethal concoction that they themselves make, only to affirm and increase the privilege of their riches and power over the world.

This year they rediscovered the gunpowder of an Interaction of the “Global Risks 2013” with a need to take urgent measures before a constellation of potentially serious consequences… major risk factors…, that is, the disparities between revenues and huge deficits in State budgets, along with the (secondary…) consequences of climate change. They fear the “risk” of pandemics caused by resistance to antibiotics, the “risk” of the increase in chronic diseases–even those anti-economic “threats” of genuine production of their own murderous and ecocidal industrial economy. “Risks” for what? Naturally, for global economic growth! What, then, are their absolute priorities? National preservation in the face of the global risks so that the systems of vital importance (naturally, for global economic growth!) continue to function even in the case of a massive impediment and, on the other hand, an urgent international collaboration and greater innovation. One should not underestimate, then, the “risk” of the ever-greater access to information on the Internet for its (democratically…) destabilizing [sic!] effects.

For these global and totalitarian murderers, the disparities between revenues and huge deficits in the State budgets that they themselves stole from is indispensable; for them–and for their system–the human and environmental catastrophe of enormous suffering, impacts, planetary annihilation that diminish their “dangers” are indispensable, these come back to us presented as “solutions”: still more disparities, deficits, catastrophes and annihilation, and for these still more totalitarianism (national, global, innovative)–that is, the control of the uncontrollable–in order that, cost what it may the systems continue to function–the systems of their system which is the very cause and root of these and 50 other “risks” that they cite and the innumerable ones they don’t cite, since “it is their problem, it is the problem of the ones Down There, who we feed with war, with clubs, with prison and misery, for our benefit.”

Nothing new, since they demonstrate with shameless and stupid clarity, once again, that it is them and their system that is the problem, ever more urgent to uproot, radically and totally.

Out with the FEM, out with the State-Capital!
Free everyone!

Marco, Lenzburg Extermination Center, January 2013

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