France: Molotov Cocktails Thrown at CRS Vans in Mulhouse

from the press via Brèves du désordre, translated by waronsociety:

January 27, 2013

On Saturday, 5:30 PM, two CRS* vans suffered blasts from several Molotov cocktails while traveling on Dieppe Street in Mulhouse. The police observed a group of fifteen individuals fleeing. They also found, not far away, a veritable arsenal of rocks, cobblestones and bottles of gasoline. Several police patrols were made on site. Warned of these acts, the Solea bus drivers decided to bypass the district of Bourtzwiller, while tram line 1 ended at the Linkage site.


Molotov Cocktails and CRS: More details

January 29, 2013

We reported yesterday that CRS had been assaulted Saturday evening with Molotov cocktails on Dieppe Street in Mulhouse. The departmental director of DCSP** Alain Martinez told us yesterday that of five molotovs thrown, only two or three hit a van and that none exploded. As for the “arsenal” discovered nearby, DDSP indicates that it amounts to two prepared Molotov cocktails, plus a mortar firework.

Translator’s notes:

* Republican Security Companies (CRS) are the riot control forces and general reserve of the French National Police

** The Central Directorate of Public Security (DCSP) is the uniformed patrol and response arm of the French National Police.

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