Paris, France: CGT Windows Smashed in Solidarity with Prisoners

from Nantes Indymedia via Brèves du désordre, transl waronsociety:

On the night of January 28th-29th, we broke the glass of the local CGT* at 1 Rue de Nantes (Paris 19e).

This is a direct message to the CGT prison and their dirty prison guards in response to the call for solidarity with the prisoners of Roanne (see the call here).

We also take this opportunity to send a warm and revolutionary embrace to Mike, imprisoned in Chambéry (here is a letter from him)

rams of solidarity

Translator’s notes:
* The CGT (General Confderation of Labor), which historically has ties
to both anarcho-syndicalism and the French Communist Party (PCF) is
now the major trade union confederation in France. Prison guards are
unionized within the CGT.

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