Olympia, WA: Bank of America Attacked in Solidarity with Chilean “Bombs Case” Prisoners

from pugetsoundanarchists.org (links added by war on society):

At around 3:15 AM on Monday morning the Bank of America on the west-side of Olympia had it’s windows smashed. This action happened due to the week-long (From the 14th-21st) call out for solidarity with Chilean Hunger Strikers, albeit we arrived fashionably late. Though it is clear the state consistently tries to isolate our struggles, even the 6,000 miles that separate Olympia from Santiago fail to mitigate the collective rage that we all feel for the state and capital. We do not do this out of charity but out of affinity, an understanding that our struggles for the annihilation of the state and capital are intrinsically connected. Because we refuse to cling to the ruins of the society that has already destroyed everything we care about, whether we are rolling with a pack or on our own, we will continue to confront their domination in a multitude of ways. And we will continue our attacks.

Much Love to the 14A
Solidarity to all those who refuse to be defeated, disillusioned, or recuperated in our on-going struggle for the destruction of this society and those who protect it.

We’ll be back


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