Letter from Mónika Caballero from the Penal Hospital

from Viva la Anarquia, translated by War on Society:

“Hand extended to the comrade
Fist closed to the enemy”

I write to you from one of the most terrifying parts of the Chilean extermination centers, the penal hospital.

It is quite difficult to describe the atrocities of this place. Supposedly for the care of physical-psychological health, the jailers have required my hospitalization in this place, because during the “Holy week” there are no doctors in the female penitentiary.

With a permanent (24-hour) custodian literally at the foot of the bed, the days pass excessively slowly. I see people passing with tuberculosis, sick prisoners, many self-harmers, etc… from all the prisons of Santiago.

The hate keeps my head high; no jailer (whether white- or green-clad) will bow me in the slightest.

Although for many there are things that they have not appreciated… my anti-authoritarian chest swells with pride and gratitude before the dignified warriors who create and destroy with their gestures of solidarity in many corners in all the world.

Despite more chains, walls, and vigilant eyes, the objective has not changed: the destruction of all forms of domination!!

Without being sure that they read these lines, sisters and brothers who fly high, very high, far from cameras and uniforms… your flight is nourishment for the heart.

A strong embrace to all the irreducibles around the world, especially to the comrades of the Cells of Fire who have demonstrated that solidarity is a weapon.

Yesterday, today, and forever… No god No master.

To the streets, prisoners of the bombs case arrested August 14!!!
On Hunger Strike since February 21.

Mónika Caballero
Anarchist Political Prisoner
Penal Hospital, Santiasko, $hile.

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