UK: Anti-anarchist raids in London and Brighton

Update: All those arrested in south London and held at Harrow Road police station following this morning’s raids on a number of squats including the Ratstar have been released. Charges are related to unpaid electricity and “conspiracy to cause a nuisance”. The four people being held at Walworth Road police station will not be released tonight so there is a call out to turn up outside the cop station tomorrow morning at 8am in protest.
The Ratstar is still under siege while the electricity supply is being cut off.

lots more at actforfreedomnow.

from 325:

Metropolitan police have raided several squatted autonomous centres in London, in a media-spectacle in which the pigs promise more raids. The raids are apparently in connection with the 26 March TUC demo / Black Bloc and the pathetic Royal wedding this weekend which has been hyped up.

The Ratstar squat in South London was amongst those raided, as were 2 nearby squats. Also Offmarket squat in Hackney and Grow Heathrow squat were raided. Current reports are that 14 people are arrested so far. No one has been charged yet. The arrested are being held at Harrow Road Policestation.

On Wednesday March 27 police officers from the Metropolitan and Sussex police forces raided a squat in Brighton and arrested seven people. This was also allegedly connected with the TUC demo / Black Bloc.

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