Mexico: communique for the C.U. street blockade

from culmine, translated by War on Society:

Yesterday during the night of April 26, 2011, a group of 10 insurgents took to the streets once again to fight and vindicate ourselves, disrupting order and the social peace that the social democracy of Marcelo Ebrad imposes on us. Around 9pm, we erected burning barricades in the busy commercial avenue “Insurgentes Sur” at the height of the C.U. metrobus station. Within minutes, we burned tires, broke molotov cocktails and unfurled banners in solidarity with Compañero Abraham Ramírez and the compañer@s-prisoners in Chile for the “Bombs” case. Then we disappeared but not before causing traffic chaos; by bad luck on our part, the police-enemy was late in arriving, but if they had arrived we had the full intention to deal with them with bursts of fire.

This small but humble and sincere sabotage of the normality imposed by capital we claim in solidarity with compañero Abraham Ramírez who has been detained in the dungeons of the Oaxacan state for 6 years without trial, without follow-up and, worse still, subject to the decisions and external fights among some support groups who disgracefully have seen him as an instrument of competition. Is this the kind of fight that benefits the compañero? Abraham needs support and sincere solidarity of all of us who vindicate ourselves for a free world; manifestations, blocks, blankets, cultural events… all is necessary. Abraham is held prisoner for many reasons including fighting for the autonomy of his people and for fighting for the defense of ecosystems in the face of ecocidal attacks by hoteliers and capitalists who only seek to profit at the cost of the exploitation of nature and humble people.

We Anarchist Revolutionaries cannot leave him alone in his daily struggle against the confinement and the abuses of power against the subjected, because since his arrival in prison he has done many things for the community that surrounds him, creating cooperative popular kitchens inside the prison, standing up every time any prisoner is abused or attacked, resisting the use of isolation, in sum, causing a headache to the prison society. Which for us is very important.

We also manifest against the assassination of compañero Javier Torres Cruz by paramilitaries in the service of the boss and drug trafficker Rogaciano Alba. Javier was a campesino ecologist-warrior who was frequently being harassed and threatened by the gunmen. Javier was part of the Organización Campesina Ecologista de la Sierra de Petatlán y Coyuca de Benítez (OCESP) Guerrero, which has for some years been dedicaded to the defense (with radical methods) of the forests and ecosystems of the cierra de Guerrero, equally against the attacks of warlords and drug traffickers backed by the government who violently take the forests, cut them down and make farms, to then sell the lumber to Canadian and North American lumber companies.

We are sick of all these abuses of power and we cannot continue to allow them to fight only with passive-pacifist methods; it is necessary to expand the social war on all fronts because for us solidarity also expresses itself in the daily conflict against the institutions of the state, the police, the businesses that destroy nature, and the means of communication based in commodity society. This will not be the last time we take to the streets; on other occasions we will come face to face, front to front, eye to eye with the enemy.

For the freedom of Abraham Ramírez Vázquez!!!
Against the assassination of Javier Torres Cruz!!!
In solidarity with our imprisoned Chilean Anarchist and anti-authoritarian compañer@s!!!
A Brotherly greeting to compañero Gabriel Pombo Da Silva!!!
For the multiplication of affinity groups and informal coordination!!
At every abuse of power… Fire in the streets!!!

Anarchist Individuals in Solidarity.

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