Argentina: Communique for arson of over 20 luxury cars

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:

Today just like yesterday and all of history, fascism and many political ideologies such as Peronism are not imposed on society as opposed sectors that fight for different interests in the same homeland, instead they arise from the civil population’s own need to find a solution to the insecurity of not having everything under control. And the left shamelessly has left no revolutionary words unabsorbed into the system of domination, its parliamentary position makes it just as wretched as all the powerful, complicit, supporters and conformists–which is also what the consumers of modern and technological life around the world today are, who experiment in the daily artificialization of every one of our actions.

By means of this communique we declare ourselves responsible for the incendiary attacks against expensive and luxury cars in the city of Buenos Aires in the neighborhoods of Recoleta, Palermo, Villa Urquiza, Caballito and Villa Devoto during the month of January 2012. Around 25 cars arsoned.

We do not respond to anything or anyone!

The social war is on the march and we are the lovers of freedom!

Freedom to all the prisoners of the world, freedom to everyone.

Friends of the Earth / Informal Anarchist Federation.


more photos and video from the press here.

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