Chile: Claim of responsibility for two actions in memory of Matías Catrileo

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Presumably due to mail problems, the anarchist, libertarian, and anti-authoritarian information media have not received or disseminated this text which today, after some time, we again make public.

In the context of the “Week of agitation and protest for the murder of Matías Catrileo,” called for by anonymous comrades between January 1st to 10th, we harassed the guardians of order (police) of the Parque Brasil Substation (southern part of Santiago, Chile) throwing noise bombs inside of the repressive precinct, and we hung a banner with the slogan “The Only Justice is Vengeance. Matías Catrileo Presente!!!” on a crowded area of the Tobalaba mall, a consumer center full of alienated citizens.

Assuming the need to coordinate ourselves between individual groups and groups in affinity from simple actions in order to put to the test our qualities and capacities and surpass them, we have freely united to break the isolation between anti-authoritarian groups and compas, acting and discussing collectively from informality and experimenting in the practice of decentralized forms of revolutionary organization, without leaders or bosses and based in horizontality and autonomy.

We have acted with this motivation, with the aim of making a sign of hostility against the powerful remembering the death of a comrade with acts and words from an insurrectional anti-authoritarian perspective and not from the traditional victimization. This means, for those who developed this action, struggle from autonomy, as well as agitation and permanent conflictuality against Power.

But, as anti-authoritarians how and why do we remember a comrade murdered by the enemy?

The answer that we have collectively created is that active remembrance is part of the continuity of the struggle and conflict against authority and its society. And with this memory expressed as propaganda by means of actions, we demonstrate our will to keep spreading the revolutionary aims of the comrades murdered by Power and/or killed in action.

For this perspective it is to remember our compas through daily and offensive actions with the idea of creating a present of struggle, without waiting for specific conditions or a particular context, acting from our life, in each moment, in each breath, in our relations of affinity and in how we position ourselves on the offensive against Power/authority, seeking the integral autonomy of our lives in breaking from every kind of authority.

We refuse the victimization and martyrization of comrades and of us ourselves in this action, not as a posture of mere words nor even because a bullet came to them while they were criticizing Power from the internet or from a bar. For us this is a reason to unite with their living as warriors, more than with their death.

We act on this opportunity so that the life of the compa does not pass in vain and his death does not remain in the hands of the justice that we know protects and safeguards the peace of the powerful. We do not seek justice, we seek vengeance and the imagination is our ally in achieving this objective.

We call for actions of solidarity to not forget our imprisoned compas: Iván Silva, Carla Verdugo, Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Alberto Olivares, José Miguel Sánchez, Henry Zegarrundo (Bolivia), Braulio Durán (Mexico), Panagiotis Argiriou (a Greek compa of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire who is in serious condition after falling from the bunk of the cell where he was held).

Greetings to Diego Ríos, Hans Niemeyer and Felicity Rider, compas presently on the run from Power.

Invisible affinities for anti-authoritarian insurrection.

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